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Hypercube @ SOHOland The pilot project called “Collaborative Second Home: Hypercube @ SOHOland for Live-Work-Travel-Learn-Play lifestyle and ecosystem” is conceived as Social Business to promote the Sharing / Collaborative / Solidarity Economy, via co-working / co-housing to develop the following social commons (based on shared equity, environmental conservation, open co-operativism): Quantified Prestige Quantified Prestige (QP) is a reputation economy system developed my Michael Hrenka. It's based on peer to peer user ratings. It's the reputation system currently preferred by the Digital Abundance Network and currently exists as theoretical framework. A documentation exists at Turning QP into a web application is currently the next necessary step for establishing a true reputation economy. Digital Abundance Network The Digital Abundance Network's main mission is to establish a digital abundance economy. Formerly, the Digital Abundance Network (DAN) was called REPDEV Network: Reputation Economy Promotion, Development, Exploration and Vitalization, see the introductory blog post "What is the REPDEV Network?". Internet of Thinkers The Internet of Thinkers is a new platform that intends to crowdsource problems and bring all involved stakeholders of the identified problem together and provide resources and processes to solve it collaboratively with collective intelligence. The focus of the Internet of Thinkers lies on openness and application of rationality and scientific thinking. Actually, what the Internet of Thinkers is supposed to be is still quite open, since it is currently in an ideation phase itself. Feedback would be very appreciated. Ideas Have any new or interesting ideas? Need a place to store and evaluate your own ideas or those or others? All kinds of generic ideas that don't really fit into other categories should find their way into this one.
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