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New value and new future - Atox to become one of the best in the era of post-internet

Introduction: This is an era full of unknown but with infinite possibilities.

The scalability of blockchain has become one of the most pain points in the blockchain world. The limited blockchain transaction throughput has become a bottleneck. At present, Ethereum can only handle 10-15 transactions per second. But with the worldwide popularity, Visa can handle an average of about 4,000 transactions per second, with a peak of up to 24,000, and even PayPal can handle more than 1200 transactions per second.

As the bottleneck of the blockchain has been deeply explored, after the solution has been released, it can be said that the competition for the public blockchain has been announced into the next round. Some people think that the first stage of public blockchain competition is technology. When the underlying public blockchain is in place, it will start to apply upwards. Therefore, to build an ecological application and to operate a high-throughput and secure public blockchain, it became the key to the survival of the next round of the public blockchain.


2018 is the year of fundraising, and that 2019 is the year of implementation.

For the current field of the entire token asset, it basically follows the development logic of “underlying parent blockchain → solution → project application”. In the parent blockchain area, because of the large number of teams involved and the fierce competition, if the technology is just empty talk, or unable to launch the parent blockchain online as soon as possible, some public blockchain projects are likely to start falling behind. How many will survived? AtoX, a public blockchain system jointly researched and developed by technical experts from the United States, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland, and Russia, led the era of blockchain 4.0.

AtoX aims to be the first brand of cross-border settlement, to contribute to the global settlement industry, to create a vertical ecological chain and an open ecosystem, to achieve inter-industry interconnection and sharing linkage. In terms of time, AtoX’s lightning payment can be completed within 3 seconds when it initiates a transaction, saving too many operations and cumbersome processes, making it easy for you to make payments anytime and anywhere.

Deploy the layout of cross-border payment to create a commercial ecological kingdom

As a new star in the field of public blockchain, AtoX relies on the characteristics of blockchain technology to provide efficient payment and settlement services for merchants and consumers around the world, so that trading methods have a better trust mechanism and lower transaction costs. The resistance is smaller.

How big is the market?

According to the 2018 Global Payments Report released by McKinsey in October 2018, total global payment revenue reached $1.9 trillion in 2017, with cross-border payments of $206.3 billion. Earlier in 2016, McKinsey concluded through a survey that cross-border payment transactions accounted for less than 20% of global payments, but the transaction fees it generated accounted for 40% of global payment transaction fees.


The traditional cross-border payment often faces problems such as long time, high cost, many intermediate links, and difficulty in controlling risks. The AtoX network is built on the P2P (peer-to-peer) architecture of the blockchain, achieving a high degree of decentralization. Each node in the system shares the ledgers, no longer rely on traditional banks, remittance companies and other intermediary to complete the accounting service, but directly converts between different legal currencies in the blockchain network, and confirms the transaction through the consensus algorithm, the transaction is liquidation, greatly improving the utilization rate of funds.

This world will gradually choose this kind of transfer method. The benefits always make people to become survival of the fittest, Alipay, WeChat payment have eliminated traditional cash and bank cards, and the transfer function of the token asset will eliminate cross-border payment sooner or later, the bank’s business line being gradually swallowed, things must be gradually updated with the progress of human society. The era of traditional finance has passed, and Internet finance and even blockchain finance are coming to us step by step.

History is always strikingly similar, and the blockchain technology has not jumped out of the law of development from its birth to its boom. Science and technology are born from people, and people are changed by science and technology. When the framework of the blockchain ecology is gradually established, the bridge between the blockchain world and the real world is built up, how much change will happen in our life, time will tell us the answer.

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