Better Marketing

It seems to be very difficult for transhumanist, futurist, or even generally innovative projects to get a decent amount of attention. This makes it very hard to get supporters or funding for those projects. So, it seems that better marketing strategies are required. In today’s world it’s not enough to build it and hope that they will come. Actually, it’s not even possible to build something on your own, or even with a small team, that is good enough to spread by word of mouth. This situation makes effective marketing a real necessity. And yet, it seems that this is an area in which such project leaders and contributors are seriously lacking talent or expertise. This is not acceptable! We need to become better at reaching people and win their hearts and minds with our brilliant visions and ideas! :heart_eyes:

This thread shall be used to collect resources for learning how to become better at marketing, whether that’s ebooks, books, online courses, YouTube channels, or whatever. But to dispel some fears about using contemporary marketing techniques as not being ethical. Our situation is the following: We have great ideas, and the ability to turn them into reality. We can create a better future, but people don’t know about that. We don’t have any popular brands we can build on. All we have are our ideas and our skills. We also don’t have a lot of financial or social capital, so our possibilities are limited. Yet, I am sure that our ideas are powerful enough to convince a lot of people, be it very influential people, or the masses – at least once we are good enough at articulating our thoughts in a convincing manner.

So, where should we start learning better marketing?

Here’s a video about “viral marketing”. It’s very informative and important!

How to make something viral?

  1. Hijack human emotions, especially those which work best: Anger, and awe
  2. Allow for spontaneous mutation of your content
  3. Be controversial, so that the controversy keeps the discussions and meme spreading alive

Social Media marketing is also pretty important. Here’s a pretty good, but also pretty expensive (49$ / month) tool for that:

Marketing seems to rely on communication skills. So, should we focus on developing our communication skills first?

Branding is an important part of marketing. But branding is more than having a nice and emotionally meaningful logo. It’s about the character of an organizations. I’ve found some good blog posts, which go into detail on matters of real marketing:

Very interesting post about marketing! I also think that it is important to grow the sales using the trending marketing approaches so that the credibility of the brand is also improving. Along with the social media platforms I have been using the business sms technique. Both these are working wonderfully!

Hallo zusammen, ich weiß, dass es einige Möglichkeiten gibt, im Internet zu vermarkten und sollte ich eine davon nutzen, um für mein Facebook zu werben?