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Can atox break through the tight encirclement of Public blockchain?

Introduction: There are two paths in the field of current blockchain, the public blockchain and the application.

In the world of blockchain, the backbone chain is king, and the winner of the backbone chain wins the world. This seems to be inconsistent with the concept of decentralization of the blockchain. However, the development of the blockchain is currently in its infancy, and most of the technology is still in the exploration phase. The real competition is the battle for the backbone chain. Whose backbone chain is recognized by the market, who will become the king of the blockchain, who may become the next giant company such as Microsoft.


Therefore, the construction of the the base layer of blockchain has become “a slice of the cake” contested by technological upstarts and giants from all walks of life, scrambling to build the backbone chain, and the latecomers constantly challenge the “predecessors” to improve and fill the loopholes, but even so, Bitcoin is still considered the fairest blockchain system, although its inefficiency is still criticized by many people.

The “older generations” are still expanding and improving their computing power. The new leaders are chasing after them with the momentum of “The waves behind drive on those before”. Who will control the blockchain market? This is not just a commercial war, but also a technological revolution, an opportunity that affects the entire human society.

Why is the backbone chain so powerful?

The backbone chain also known as the base chain, it is the infrastructure of the blockchain, and its status is equivalent to the operating system in the computer.

Therefore, the track of backbone chain is the one with the highest gold content in the current blockchain industry. Currently, several projects with the highest market value are all in the backbone chain. With the backbone chain, you have the block chain world of the future, just like Microsoft or Android, IOS in the IT industry.

Because of this, the competition on the track of backbone chain is the most fierce. On the one hand, there are many players on this track, which is currently the most crowded field. Not counting the preparatory stage, there are no fewer than 30 backbone chain projects already launched on the exchange.

So, who will dominate in this "The Battle of Spring and Autumn "? Perhaps it is a rookie who will rise in the future, or it may be a member of the current backbone chain army. As more and more “backbone chains” join the battle, more breakthroughs in smart contract scenarios have made it possible to unlock more applications.

How does the rising star AtoX single out the “elderly driver”?

The era of blockchain has realized the era of “freedom of trading assets”. Only decentralized transactions are possible to achieve this freedom. In the context of such a big era, based on the blockchain 4.0 technology, AtoX, a public blockchain system jointly developed by technical experts from the United States, Japan, South Korea, Russia, and Switzerland, came into being.

AtoX uses AI technology to solve cross-chain technology, and overcomes the decentralization efficiency problem by decentralized and distributed artificial intelligence service sharing platform.

AtoX has always been aiming to become the first brand of world’s fastest and most scalable cross-border settlement, enabling faster cross-border payments and lower costs, enabling users to implement real-time cross-border settlement services anywhere in the world. .

The emergence of AtoX will improve the efficiency of cross-border payment, change the overall pattern and appearance of international settlement, and save a lot of cost. At present, AtoX focuses on providing a cross-border payment solution for large financial institutions, and is supported by many commercial organizations and banks, the market prospect is broad.

Multi-dimensional security protection to ensure the sustainable development of the ecosystem

AtoX is designed with full consideration of system security, and builds security policies from both technical and operational mechanisms to prevent possible attacks and risks. On the one hand, it ensures that the blockchain avoids the risks caused by the mechanism such as double spend or fork; on the other hand, it avoids possible attacks and technical failure risks from technical design and development. Adopting the innovative and secure consensus mechanism, the self-test operation mechanism is added to prevent the failure or error of the accounting node, and the stable and safe operation of the block is fully guaranteed.

In the future, AtoX will also accelerate the deployment of applications in various fields. At the same time, AtoX hopes that more companies or developers will join AtoX to share digital value and work together to create a win-win ecosystem for the AtoX blockchain.

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