Futurist Catalogue / Directory

This thread is supposed to be a (preliminary) wiki-like catalogue for futurist stuff: Organizations, communities, networks, projects, ideas, persons, books, sites, movies, videos, games, etc. It’s probably quickly becoming too big to browse sensibly, so large categories will be outsourced to more specific threads, or to the H+Pedia that is associated with us. This thread is mainly for stuff that doesn’t seem to fit into the H+Pedia theme, or for stuff that is supposed to be included quickly, without bothering to deal with a MediaWiki platform like H+Pedia.





  • Arbital: Ambitious project for revolutionizing discussions online.


Websites / Services / Projects

Augmented / Virtual Reality

Cross disciplinary

  • Formwelt: Universal semantic language for AI and lots of other applications.

Entrepreneurship / Startups

  • Betalist: Discover tomorrow’s startups, today. Get early access to over 100 new internet startups each month
  • Nomad List: Living costs in different parts of the world for digital nomads
  • Remote ok: Remote Jobs for Digital Nomads

Futurism in general

  • 3tags: Reddit-like community blog/magazine with a strong emphasis on futurism
  • International Innovation Catalysts: Directory site listing emerging alongside well known companies,
    research institutions and action groups that are at the forefront of emerging and cutting edge research and development (R&D), creating high impact technologies and pioneering ideas.

Cloud services


  • ProtonMail: Secure Email with crazy Swiss security standards




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