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WA: get through the bear market and the Sun burns cold

In 2018, for the coin circle, it was a year of long bear market and cold weather. At the beginning of the year, the mainstream currency represented by Bitcoin opened a long market of going down after hitting a prehistoric high.

Some people say that the hard fork of BCH bifurcation on November 15 is the cause of the collapse of Bitcoin. BCH may be just a fuse. The long-term accumulation of contradictions such as large fluctuations and irregularities in the industry are the cause of Bitcoin’s collapse. It is precisely because of this that the price of bitcoin fell from $6,400 to $3,300 in just 20 days. The plummeting Bitcoin has brought mine prices down to freezing point, even mining machines were sold off in the scrap iron recycling market, a large number of mines closed and the Bitcoin market plummeted.

The market was depressed and the industry was in chaos. The active players in the first-line of coin circle are facing complicated trials.The digital currency has experienced a decade of ups and downs, will it fall in this cold winter? Can we continue to trust and support it unconditionally? Perhaps those who really believe in and support it, even in such a difficult situation, the answer remains: “Yes”!

It is precisely because of these believers who insist on the belief that some down-to-earth teams and projects have developed strongly in the bear market, just like WA.

The platform token issued by Wafcoin, the world’s first exchange with dual-license, has undergone a baptism in the bear market and is still developing vigorously.

Of course, this also due to the technology and advantages of WA itself: Optimize the complex off-site purchases, users can quickly carry out trading operations; enter with zero capital,get profit with no capital risk, etc., to avoid many risks for users, and to ensure the safety of assets; WA’s global issuance will never increase, and it will help it to have a very high investment value; Wafcoin platform will cooperate with cross-border e-commerce to use WA to purchase and pay for commodity to further enhance the value of WA; The development area extends to the housing industry, the tourism industry, accelerates the payment and other functions to land the application.

The coin circle of 2018 can be described as being enveloped in the flames of war. Although it is basically in a bear market for a whole year, it has not disappeared or unknown, but has been active in people’s eyes in various attitudes.

Looking back at the bleak place, there was no rain and no sunshine!

We look forward to a better 2019.

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