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Join the Atox blockchain in 2019, trying to get close to the wealth circle

Many people think that money is hard to earn. In fact, it is 0.1% that cannot be found and become rich.

Join the Atox blockchain in 2019, try to get close to the wealth circle and become the 0.1% of the rich.

To be honest, 99.9% of the information that most people in the world have access to is useless. The world needs to ensure that consensus is consistently developed with optimal efficiency. This requires a common language, common information, common actions to reduce the friction. With a common story and a similar life, the ultimate similarity of 99.9. It’s just that many people don’t realize it.


The same thing is almost worthless. And many people can only find 1% or 10% of the value of society in this 99.9% of useless information. They can’t find that 0.1% of the information that discovered and created 90% or 99% of the value of society.

For example, in a war, the one who survived was the one who won, and the one who survived was the 0.1% who got all the spoils of the battlefield were obtained.

For another example, hundreds of thousands of Bitcoin miner to dig a block, and the person who digs the block is the 0.1%, and won the entire block of reward.

All of the 0.1%, the cost is a way to have luck successfully exclude 99.9% of the information and use the fastest speed.

One who is slower and the follower, it is not the 0.1%.

AtoX’s value network based on blockchain distributed ledger technology is leading the era of blockchain 4.0!

AtoX’s blockchain builds a distributed architecture based on the open source and decentralized protocols determined by the system, allowing value exchange information to be sent to the entire network through distributed transmission, and information content is determined through distributed accounting. After the time stamp is set, the block data is generated, and then distributed to each node through distributed transmission to implement distributed storage. AtoX uses peer-to-peer technology to achieve the global exchange of values between people, spanning space and time, bypassing the third-party pricing, and purifying 99.9% of information and routines.

It can be understood that the personal assets will be digitized and the Internet will become a market. The value of each individual’s assets will depend on the value they can create, as well as the value of other people’s digital assets they own. This is the principle that the 0.1% takes 90% or 99% of social value.

Join the Atox blockchain in 2019, try to get close to the wealth circle and become the 0.1% of the rich. It must not be wrong.