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Messenger Channel for Futuristic and Transhuman Thought

Hey guys, gals and whatever ye are!

Is somebody interested in a messenger channel, like in Telegram or Discord, to talk about futurism, transhumanism, technology, economics and the like?

Since, this board doesn’t seem to be very active while Facebook groups and I do not really get along.


You can find very good information here:

great discussions here:

There is an international Discord channel on transhumanism that has been active for many months.

If anyone needs an invitation to that, please contact me via a private message in this forum.

Rightfully so. :wink:
Who reads manga? I hate them.

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i am reading you :smiley:

Though, I have to admit there are some very good “animé” shows. Like this one:

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marvellous :trophy:

just for you:

And that’s why you were rightfully banned from a Discord channel. Manga is just sick and disguisting and has no place in the free world. It was created by Imperial Japanese warcriminals during late-stage World War Two as a secret weapon to infiltrate Western culture and make it easier to conquere the US sometime in the future. Better read some good American comicbooks.

So, now let’s talk about something else.

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Hey guys! If anybody is still looking, we are actually doing an art piece on transhumanism, and of course we have conversation topics surrounding the subject.

We’d appreciate some insight from well-researched folks in the field, or those still learning!

Here’s the link if you’d like to take part:

Collaborate with the community & artists to build an NFT art collection that will raise awareness of modern day issues and donate to charity.

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