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6 Jews influence the world for 2000 years ——The Jewish nation on the blockchain

The thoughts of six Jews on the earth have completely influenced the world. They have completely changed the world and formed the spiritual framework of the world. It seems that everything we think of and experience has a deep relationship with it.

The first one is Moses, who said that everything is the law;

The second one is Jesus, who said that everything is suffering;

The third one is Marx, who said that everything is capital;

The fourth one is Freud, who said everything is sex;

The fifth one is Einstein, who said that everything is relative.

The sixth is Rothschild, who said that everything is wealth.


We are not going to explore the history that is too long, because in the age of materialism, more people will pay attention to wealth itself, the mysterious family of Rothschild, and the United States before World War II in the 20th century once described it as a classic phrase. At that time, the situation in the United States “the Democratic Party belongs to the Morgan family, and the Republican Party belongs to the Rockefeller family…” In fact, this sentence should be followed by “and Rockefeller and Morgan, both belonged to Rothschild!” The Jewish nation, which has not been understated, is still a talented person in the face of this era of technological connectivity, just like the founder of Facebook, Zuckerberg.


The Jews pay the most attention to the “contract” spirit. In the world business community, the Jewish merchants’ loyalty and trustworthiness are well-known. Once the Jews have signed a contract, no matter what happens, they will never break the contract. However, as if the world has been doing the right thing with the Jewish people, the current lack of social integrity, commercial fraud and financial fraud are endless, all of which make the Jews feel deviated from their business standards, and smart Jews will certainly not blame others, they will only Face the problem and solve the problem. They proposed to solve the trust problem with blockchain technology. AtoX, which uses the RPCA algorithm, is one of the masterpieces.

Of course, AtoX is not only a solution to the problem of trust, more often than not is its advanced concept and core technology. The reality that world finance is controlled by the Jewish Empire makes them more inclined to solve problems in the financial field. AtoX has the following features:


Atox has a lot of room for growth in the financial industry because of its capabilities:

In cross-border transactions, the transaction time that would otherwise take hours or even days can be reduced to 3 seconds;

In supply chain finance, by using the information flow of the blockchain, it is possible to obtain enterprise data in a stereoscopic manner and provide financial services with controllable risks.

At the factoring business level, the use of its non-tamperable trust mechanism to reduce factoring risks.

The financial-grade services that AtoX can provide are not limited to this. This is an underlying operating system, and any DAPP can be developed on this basis. Of course, whether this can really reshape the world’s trust mechanism and financial system with blockchain, as Jews expect, we still need time to verify.