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Vision of the Fractal Future Forum


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The Fractal Future Forum (F3) is a place for envisioning and creating a better future. We are a community of idealistic, yet pragmatic, far forward-looking people. Our positive visions of the future are grounded in futurist thinking and an awareness of the rapid technological changes that lie ahead of us.

ever accelerating progress of technology and changes in the mode of human life, which gives the appearance of approaching some essential singularity in the history of the race beyond which human affairs, as we know them, could not continue.
Stanislaw Ulam

We believe that a better world is possible, and that together we have the power to create it in a collaborative way.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.
Margaret Mead

What is a Better Future?

Different people have different likes, wants, interests, and preferences. We don't believe in a monolithic "one size fits all" approach, but strive towards creating a world that has a fitting place for everyone. This is the idea that stands behind our vision of a "fractal future": In a **fractal society** people would associate themselves freely into overlapping networks of communities, sub-communities, sub-sub-communities, and so on. These communities would be fine grained enough to fit the preferences of its members as perfectly as possible.

A better future is a future that allows this self-organized “fractalization” process of communities to happen naturally without at the same time fracturing the fabric of society at large. The basic physical and psychological needs of everyone should be met. Violent conflict should be avoided as best as possible. We acknowledge that in our current world we are still far away from reaching a state like that. That’s why we engage in projects that pave a way towards a better future.

How to Create a Better Future?

Creating a better future is a difficult task. Several different steps are required in order to do it right:
  1. Facilitating a better understanding of the world we live in and the positive potential that is possible within it (see our “Discourse” category)
  2. Envisioning a better future based on the understanding of what could be made better (see our “Visions” category)
  3. Working on specific projects in order to create specific parts of the better future we have envisioned (see our various project specific categories, as well as the “Further Projects” category)

All three steps are very necessary to get to the future we want to see, because

We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them
Albert Einstein

  1. Without a correct understanding of the world, our proposed solutions for the problems of this world will be severely flawed and possibly even counter-productive
  2. Without a clear and attractive vision of a better future, we won’t be able to mobilize the efforts we need to engage in to actually create a better future
  3. Without concrete projects that implement parts of the future we want to see, our actual future won’t move along a positive trajectory – instead we would be stuck with old dysfunctional structures and systems, which are insufficient to overcome the deep problems we are faced with

We need to become better and innovate everything from the ground up.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.
Richard Buckminster Fuller

What Kinds of Projects Fit to The Fractal Future Forum?

We use a very broad definition of "projects":
  • It could be a start-up that wants to improve the world with a totally innovative product or service
  • Or it could be a local intentional community project that explores alternatives ways of living and working together
  • It could be a new philosophical or mathematical framework that helps us to understand the world in a better way
  • Or it could be a science fiction story that visualizes fascinating future possibilities
  • It could be a software that enables people to interact in novel ways
  • Or it could be an organisation that promotes new ways of thinking or acting
  • It could be an open database or wiki that enables people to structure their knowledge in specific areas much better

Ideally, projects have the mission to improve the world in an integral fashion. We want to create a world that is better for everyone.

Why Should I Join The Fractal Future Forum?

You are awesome and this community is awesome! Still, you could be better, and this community could be better. By joining us, we might help you to succeed with your ideas and projects, even if we can't promise effective direct support. At the same time, your presence enriches our community and makes it more attractive for potential supporters. However, we could make you better at moving forward with what's important to you. You are an awesome person, so we want you to succeed! Keep in mind that this community is mostly an alliance of people who are driven to improve the world in their own unique way with their own special strengths, skills, and ideas. Together, we have a better chance of succeeding with our common goals.

Another reason for joining the F3 is that is it based on the advanced forum software Discourse, which offers a wide range of technical capabilities that will blow your mind:

  • It has a great notification system – in many respects better than that of Facebook
  • There are functionalities that allow the forum to be used as blog and as wiki!
  • You can use markdown or HTML to format posts
  • It has a very good search function
  • You can add more people to private conversations
  • There’s a global shoutbox for quick conversations
  • Your content belongs to you – it’s easily possible to download everything you have written in the forum
  • It’s mobile friendly
  • Lots of functionality that connects related topics
  • There are even badges

What Can I do in The Fractal Future Forum?

We are eager to learn about you, your ideas, and the projects you might already be working on. Feel free to [introduce]( yourself and share your understanding of the current world and your vision(s) of a better world. Don't shy back from advertising your own ideas, organisations, or projects shamelessly. In addition to not having any rules against that, we actively encourage such behaviour!

You can use this forum as a place to share and archive interesting finds that are relevant to envisioning and creating a better future. There are thousands of individuals, groups, and communities out there who want to improve the world in various ways. Most people have no knowledge of their existence! This forum can be used to alleviate that situation to some degree.

We are dedicated to personal growth and development. We realize that we need to become better, if we want to be effective at improving the world. Please feel free to share and discuss possibilities for personal development.

If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. … We need not wait to see what others do.
Mahatma Gandhi

In the best case, you will be able to find supporters for your ideas and projects here. And you can use the forum as a basis for organizing the collaborative work on them.

Finally, note that the Fractal Future Forum is what you make out of it. This is still a young and small community, so your initiatives are quite likely to shape the future of the Fractal Future Forum! In other words: The Fractal Future Forum is what you make out of it.

Further central Fractal Future community resources:

Ways to promote the forum
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