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The FAF (First Assets Financial) is fiercely striking!

FAF ((First Assets Financial) is a decentralized real estate and tourism service system based on blockchain technology. It links to global real estate and tourism service providers (enterprises or individuals) and consumers, based on the traceability and non tempered with of blockchain technology, and protect the interests and privacy of the buyers and sellers in the industry, and build a transparent, credible, cheap, decentralized future real estate and tourism ecological chain.

In the real estate and tourism eco-world of FAF (First Assets Financial), from traveling to buying houses, from buying houses to selling houses, from food to fun, from food to shopping, from leisure and entertainment to residential accommodation, diversified functions are integrated, for all real estate and tourism participants — whether it is Home buyer Or Traveler, it brings a brand-new revolution.

Why is the FAF (First Assets Financial) so hot!

This is due to the fact that blockchain technology is naturally compatible with real estate and tourism.

Real estate and tourism stakeholders complete their own transactions, the platform does not need to intervene


The real value of the blockchain in the real estate and tourism token platform is to promote the agreement of the parties in the industry according to the supply and demand. The two parties can trust each other without third party’s certification and supervision, and choose to complete the transaction on their own. All the information of the industry, real estate information, etc. are stored as data in various nodes on the global network through distributed ledger technology. When the consensus is reached, it will be time stamped in the blockchain, so the data cannot be tampered with and it is transparent.

Real-time update of real estate and tourism data to prevent overselling

From the blockchain technology itself, the value of blockchain in real estate and tourism is that the network it forms is a transparent and tampered with global database where every user on the network can upload and access travel data in real time. Once a transaction occurs, the database will quickly and accurately records the data in the booking and payment system, which not only prevents overselling, but also flexibly adjusts pricing based on real-time tracking of supply and demand. In addition, real estate and tourism companies can maximize revenues by connecting smart contracts with other services such as market forecasts, tourism, and house purchase insurance on the blockchain.


Real blockchain identity verification saves time for travellers, homebuyers and managers

The blockchain has an identity authentication function, and its traceability, transparency, and non tempered-with ensure the authenticity of identity information of all people in the block. Imagine that everyone in the blockchain system is authentic and reliable. Visitors do not need to re-identify their identity during travel. Management agencies do not need to repeatedly verify visitor information in the link of air ticket ordering, accommodation, etc, saving time for travellers, buyers and managers.

Decentralized service system to promote the reform and innovation of real estate and tourism industry

The services in FAF include hotel reservations, ticket reservations, scenic spot reservations, car rental reservations, social sharing, house property reservations, real estate transactions, investment immigration, and resource sharing. They provide more than a dozen projects, such as North American study tours, overseas livables, purchase of real estate, chartered cars and self-driving travelling, etc., and provide intelligent and digital services based on various scenarios such as sightseeing tours, honeymoon weddings, and official business visits.

FAF (First Assets Financial) uses blockchain technology to can directly interact with tourists, buyers and service providers, thereby eliminating reliance on intermediaries, resulting in higher quality products and lower prices, increasing supplier’s responsibility for products.

Entity assets are the benchmarking of issuing token, opening the door to a win-win era of investment

FAF (First Assets Financial) is based on landmark buildings in major international cities around the world as investment targets. It combines the operation mode of AMC activated non-performing assets and Reits real estate securitization, we can obtain high-quality real estate effectively through financial leverage. And share the investment profits with the majority of customers holding FAF, and open the win-win model of cooperation between the two sides.

FAF’s continuous development of millions of customers is the main consumer subject, enhance the value of the property, create market reputation, effectively digest the bubble at the expense of the user, and share the huge wealth of the real estate value-added with the investors of the FAF (First Assets Financial). IT really implement the business philosophy of “What is taken from the people is used in the interests of the people”.

In the new era, FAF (First Assets Financial) will lead users into a brand new market of real estate and tourism!

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