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The Fractal Future Network is a place for envisioning and creating a better future. This category is there for the "envisioning" part of that. If you have any hopes, wishes, or ideas for the future, this is the place to post them.

Fractal Cosmos

Fractal Cosmos is the name of the collaborative science fiction world building project of Fractal Future. It's a world that focuses on developments mainly within the next centuries which are connected to transhumanism and social change.


The projects category is for productive and critical discussion about projects and project related work.


This is the main category for any discourse about serious general topics like science, technology, and politics.


A café is a traditional type of coffeehouse in which people congregate to talk freely about all kinds of different matters. Mostly about cultural topics. In the context of this forum this is the most open category in which you can post freely about anything that you want.


This category is for external communities and organizations who want to represent themselves on the Fractal Future Forum. For that purpose, they can use the general category or their own subcategories.

Deutsch (German)

Das Fractal Future Forum („F3“) ist ein Raum für zukunftsbewusste Visionäre und Weltverbesserer, in welchem diese sich eine bessere Zukunft ausmalen und diese aktiv gestalten können. Genauer gesagt ist das F3 ein Knotenpunkt für verschiedene progressive Communities, in welchem Möglichkeiten zur Erschaffung einer selbstorganisierten, freiheitlichen, und vielfältigen „fraktalen“ Gesellschaft ausgelotet werden und dabei ganz unscheinbar die technoprogressive Zukunft diskutiert und konstruiert wird.
Die Kategorie „Deutsch (German)“ des F3 ist für alle möglichen Themen, die auf Deutsch diskutiert werden können.


Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Fractal Future Blog

This is the experimental blog of the Fractal Future Network. It's experimental, because it's a category within the Fractal Future Forum. There are certain restrictions for this blog. Only admins, moderators, and level 3 users can create blog posts (topics). Everyone else can write replies, though.