Call for Papers in Transhumanist Theology

New Earth Philosophical School is accepting submissions to its new Theological Journal focused on Transhumanist Philosophy. No atheist materials will be included in this title. An initial period in which no reader’s fees will be assessed has been established and has been extended until April 31st, 2023. This is to encourage the inclusion of the work of disadvantaged authors.

New Earth Philosophical School is extending a call for papers to the philosophical and religious communities. You do not have to identify primarily as a Transhumanist if your work touches somehow on the themes identified for this effort: the first Journal to be produced by the School. Some authors may be additionally invited to present on their papers at a future Conference to be held by the School.

(PUBLIC HINTING: We have secured a commitment from one of the bigger name keynotes in the field of Transhumanist religion…)

Articles should be of an academic nature and properly cited. We are also accepting poetry submissions and some art. Please read the full call for papers; and pass the word along to any authors or academics that you know that may be interested.