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AXC——Grasp the change of token market pattern of 2019

2017 is the most crazy year in the token market, and the price is so high that one coin is hard to get.

However, such a good phenomenon has gradually declined in 2018 and even fluctuated and affected with the collapse of Bitcoin! At the same time, with the frequent problems of security risks arising from various countries’ token trading platform, these have caused a lot of negative impact on the token market! Many people have begun to panic about all kinds of tokens.


In a flash, 2019 has come, can it become the turning point of the token market? And whether it can create a new opportunity for the coin circle and blockchain circle, time is the best witness!

2019 is a year that many people are optimistic about. Whether for the development of the token market or the regulation of the coin circle, we all think it is a new hope!

After the token passing through one wave after another of great waves, it seems that there is the overall economic downturn, but neither the coin circle nor the blockchain circle is as scary as imagined. I can only say that ICO died in this baptism, but the token and blockchain did not die. I believe that after the clamour, everything will eventually return to the routine, and often the routine gives birth to value. Just as the once-noisy Internet did not fall completely after entering the “whirlpool of silence”, a group of outstanding giants emerged, such as Google, Amazon and Yahoo. Therefore, the development of the token is still with full of expectations!

AXC is a leader born in the downturn of the token market!


AXC is based on the fourth-generation blockchain technology and has reached a new level in the development of the industry.

Relying on the world-leading AtoX public blockchain system, the atomic cross-exchange technology is realized, and the security protocol for value exchange between different blockchains can be completed. The lightning network technology can be realized, and an infinite high-speed transaction can be realized on one blockchain; The technology of first entering database and then consensus is realized, the transaction of the database table is pre-executed in the database, and then sent to the blockchain network for consensus.

Unlike Bitcoin’s “mining” issuance mechanism, AXC uses the manner of delivery and purchase. AXC has the role of preventing malicious attacks and exchange media in AtoX. AtoX requires each account to have a certain amount of AXC. Each time a transaction is executed, 1/100000 of AXC will be destroyed, which will increase the cost of the transaction to create massive false account for malicious attacks and prevent malicious attacks. In addition, any currency can be exchanged with AXC, and AXC has become a medium of exchange between currencies.

In cross-border settlement applications, the AtoX network enables multi-currency cross-border payments through market maker mechanisms or AXC. Under the market maker mechanism, the market maker provides the currency exchange service for cross-border transfer through the account opened in the receiving and paying bank. AtoX will automatically select the lowest quotation among the many market makers in the network to minimize the cost of capital conversion. In addition, AXC as a medium currency, when the parties to the payment can not find a suitable market maker to complete the transaction, the currency can be converted into AXC for transaction, and the instant transfer can be realized.

In 2019, there will be a new pattern in the token market, and AXC is a new hope for the majority of users to seize the opportunity of wealth!