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Transhumanist Party Virtual The <strong>Transhumanist Party Virtual (TPV)</strong> is the virtual wing of the global Transhumanist Party movement. TPV is open to all sapients, corporeal, digital, and virtual. Transhumanist Parties This is the open category for the <strong>Transhumanist Parties</strong>. It's an open communication space for members of the Transhumanist Parties and non-members who are interested in the Transhumanist Parties. Note that there is a <em>hidden</em> Transhumanist Party area and if you want to join it, please read the following: <a href=""></a> Transpolitica This is the open outreach forum of the think-tank <a href="" rel="nofollow">Transpolitica</a>. It can be used to discuss Transpolitica projects and publications. Transpolitica is a think-tank focussed on the politics of the future.
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