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The New Transhumanism Slack and #fractalfuture Chat

Peter Xing, a transhumanist from Australia went ahead and created a general transhumanist Slack instance. An invitation is required to join. As admin of that Slack instance, I can invite you. Please tell me with which email address you want to be added. You can contact me via PM, if you don’t want to disclose your email address here. :e-mail:

What is a Slack instance? It’s basically a community collaboration space with different chat rooms. If you know IRC, then a Slack instance can be though of as IRC server and the chat rooms as IRC channels. Slack is web based and features a couple of interesting integrations. :wrench:

Today, I’ve configured the #general and #fractalfuture chats so that new threads in the F3 are important automatically. This doesn’t happen instantly, but only as often as the Slack instance fetches the RSS feeds of the F3. At the moment I am not sure how frequently that actually happens, but you should assume that a new thread might only appear one hour later in Slack. :hourglass_flowing_sand:

The F3 has a shoutbox for quick chatting and announcements, but I’ve heard calls for a proper chat room. Now with the #fractalfuture chat on the transhumanist Slack we have a new official chat room for our community. Note that this is a persistant chat that stores everything that has been written. New members can even check out all previous messages. :hushed:

Ideally, you should keep a browser tab for the #fractalfuture chat room open when you are available. The tab will indicate whether there’s a new message, and especially whether you have been contacted or mentioned in the Slack instance. :telephone_receiver:

Have fun checking out the new possibilities on Slack! :smiley: Also, many transhumanists have already registered on the transhumanist Slack instance, so you will probably find someone to chat with at all times. :watch:

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OK. Invite me. You Slack enthusiasts are wearing me down. Plus TP Australia is the bomb.

I purchased another pad so I can use Android apps more easily.

Ok, I’ve sent you an invitation. So, you have given in to enthusiasm that wore you down? I’m not sure this is supposed to work that way, but I won’t argue with the positive result! :grin:

Yes, it is. They seem to be doing remarkably well down there. :arrow_heading_down: :smiley:

Cool stuff. What pad is that? Would you suggest it to F3 users?

I got this in an email, but I don’t have time to explore it right now. Apparently Trello and Slack talk to each other…

“Enable the Slack Power-Up to send a Trello card directly to a Slack channel or direct message. You’ll also be able to set a reminder in Slack straight from a Trello card and associate a Slack channel with a board. Want to reference a conversation in Slack on a Trello card? Just drag the relevant conversation over and drop it onto the Trello card.”

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That sounds awesome. I wished it was easy to integrate this Discourse forum with all those big apps, but the really big players seem to have the necessary budget to actually create all these kind of integrations. Well, perhaps Discourse will get there in a few years. Who knows… it all depends on the adoption rate of a technology. The more it is adopted by users, the more it can mature.

At the moment, there is only the automatic posting of new topics in the F3 within the Transhuman Slack via RSS. But that’s much better than nothing! :slightly_smiling: