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Working toward a new paradigm (blog post)

Working toward a new paradigm

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I’ve just been reading Interesting. My initial thinking is that the name (brand) isn’t going to help the cause and will alienate the masses which will ultimately lead to failure if that is the case.

One of the questions posed in the blog post on the first page is this…

“How do we solve the problem of an uncaring electorate?”

I think the answer to that is to solve the problems they are facing right now. Branding of your party is obviously key - is there a better brand you could adopt that wins the hearts and minds with lesser resistance? If you can create a mental link they can associate with solving real problems now (and minimising the risks they will face in the future e.g. due to technology) then I think it can be a winner.

One other thing - maybe futurists should rebrand themselves to something with ‘architect’ in the title (e.g. “Global Future Architects” or something appealing like that). People generally respect architects…and futurists seem to want to architect the future…so maybe a goal should be get their professional recognised with that social status.

With respect to the point in the article about a platform that truly gives people the power to manage their own affairs - I’m also keen on this approach. The way I’m approaching this is to try to build a platform that first captures their problems - once you understand their pain points (and have given them the means to express it) you will have opened up a very valuable channel to the people directly. If you can then show them progress on solving these pains - you will have started to win their hearts & minds.

Just my 5 cents.

Sorry if this appears twice. Tried replying via email (message below), but it doesn’t seem to have appeared…

Hi Ken -

I completely agree re: “pain points”,
and needing to reach people directly / demonstrate that their lives can
be improved via new tools.

As for names, the official party position is stated here:

Appreciate your response. Thanks Amon.

As a bit of background I am attempting to develop a platform that captures peoples pain points in a way that enables something to be done about them. The concept is called a bumpConductor ( Very early days yet…it is going to be a long (but worthwhile) journey.

All the best,