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Welcome to the open Transpolitica forum

The futurist politics think-tank Transpolitica is searching for new ways of interacting and engaging with potential supporters and interested people. Besides its Facebook group it has a Google Groups mailing list and uses Slack for collaboration on Projects.

Transpolitica so far has published two ebooks:

  1. Anticipating tomorrow’s politics
  2. Envisioning politics 2.0

The involved authors expressed a wish for more feedback on and debates about those two books. This Transpolitica forum should be a good place to discuss the chapters of those books, many of which can also be read on the news section of the Transpolitica page.

Transpolitica is continuously involved in producing more publications to support and inform the debate about the future of politics. Please use any of the communication channels mentioned above or this Transpolitica subcategory for getting in contact with Transpolitica about any matter of your interest.


Thank you very much for creating this forum, Michael.

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