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TPV'S Future Administration and Governance 2015.06.26

TPV’S Future Administration and Governance 2015.06.26

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Posted in the TPV Facebook Group today.

As TPV Chair, I am initiating the discussion about TPV’s structure, governance, and future direction at the TPV section on the Fractal Future Forum today.

Here the link to TPV on the F3:

Any current Admins who want to have a voice in TPV’S future are requested to join us at F3.

The discussion is open to all who ask to participate.

Mark Larkento
TPV Chair

Cc: René Milan Furio Fusco Fernando Garcia De Rivas Extropia DaSilva Tristan Mitchell Maximo Ramallo David Pearce Peter Xing
Bcc: Michael Hrenka Amon Twyman Zoltan Istvan David Wood Alexander Karran


Okay. First point, as a matter of logic, should be a clarification of the designation of TPV as a party. Clearly it is not currently running for any office or legal position of power. Is it to be understood that it is merely a reflection in virtual space of the mental processes taking place in physical space, especially within TP Global (which is itself currently not a ‘party’ according to traditional definitions, but may well become one within a so far hypothetical global political system). Or is there any intention to reflect a complete system in virtual space within which other parties would also exist and compete for some virtual ‘office’ ? This question thus goes toward TPV’s raison d’être.


Our discussion will begin with a review of TPUK history, structure, and documentation and how TPV can apply or modify TPUK’s existing progress in these areas.

Please begin with a review of Amon’s article at:


Good questions, René.

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A couple of points of order:

  • Since our Admin group circumnavigates the globe, everyone will need to adjust their expectations to allow for delays and disjointed responses.
  • As we, as participants, familiarize ourselves with the F3 application and the global challenges, we have a great opportunity to study ways in which communication practices can be improved and enhanced.
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From our TPV Principles:

TPV’s mission is in virtual space.
Any ideas that relate to geopolitical or other geographic TP groups are open for discussion here.
Any implementation of those ideas rests with the national or geopolitical TP groups.

Transhumanist Party (virtual) is open to all sapients, corporeal, digital, and virtual.

Transhumanist Declaration (virtual)

Transhumanism (virtual) is the viewpoint that sapient society, corporeal, digital, and virtual should embrace, wisely, thoughtfully, and compassionately, the radical transformational potential of technology.

The Transhumanist Party (virtual) calls for:
-> Projects to take full advantage of accelerating technology.
-> Economic and personal liberation of all sapient beings
-> An inclusive new social contract for all sapient and sentient beings in the light of technological disruption
-> A evolutionary regulatory system to fast-track innovative breakthroughs
-> Reform of democratic processes with new tools
-> Education transformed in readiness for a radically different future
-> A transhumanist rights agenda for all sapient and sentient beings in the coming transhumanist age
-> An affirmative new perspective on existential risks.


Since there are no virtual democratic nations, yet, TPV cannot aim towards getting elected as party in one of them. The other viable area of political activity would then be campaigning, getting media attention, and directing public discourse of societal topics. It would be the general group for discussion and promotion of political transhumanism in online media and virtual worlds.

In retrospect, I find that much pretty obvious, but only we’ve lead the discussion about the focus of the German Transhumanist Party. There’s always the choice between trying to get elected and trying to mostly get attention. For a group that cannot get elected, this choice breaks down to merely trying to get attention (and then do something with it).

Thanks Mark. I am of course familiar with the Declaration, but it is good to have all that laid out again here at the beginning of this discussion.
Radivis - “Since there are no virtual democratic nations, yet, TPV cannot aim towards getting elected as party in one of them” - exactly my point. But that is true for TP Global in planetary space. That there is no unified global administration yet does not mean that many among us do not aim for establishing one, and if and when that happens TPG (is that the correct acronym?) will be early and ideally positioned to become active within. My question is an attempt to get a sense for how people see the possibilities in virtual space. It is often, incorrectly, portrayed as a reflection of physical space, betraying the naive belief that anything done in physical space can also be done in virtual space, and more (such as experiencing an unlimited number of deaths). The only value of this assumption is as a motivator for striving to expand virtual space into actually becoming such a reflection and expansion as required technology becomes available. An early and limited example of such attempts is 2nd Life. But my question is also an invitation to come up with a convincing justification for calling this construct a ‘party’, a question that surely will be brought by critics and must then be answered convincingly.

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Alternatively, we could drop the “party” label and call TPV something else, for example

  • Virtual Transhumanist Politics
  • Transhumanist Party Virtual Outreach
  • Transhuman Virtuality Think-Tank
  • Virtual Transhumanity Vector Field
  • Virtuality Future Politics
  • Virtual Nation Round Table
  • Virtual Transhumanism Activists
  • Advocates for Transhumanism in Virtual Worlds

or something like that

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That’s very creative, Michael !
But i am not prepared to give in this easily against so far only potential criticism. There was a reason it was called Transhumanist Party (virtual), and i assume it was a good one. My aim is to bring this reason into focus, and formulate it in a convincing manner. Only if it turns out the reason was not sound to begin with would i be willing to go back to the drawing board. But we are only beginning a process that may stretch into decades.

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Draft Mission Statement:
TPV has been established to enable discussion and promotion of political transhumanism in online media and virtual worlds with the longer range intention of supporting development of virtual democratic governance and the network economy as they evolve in virtual space.



Sounds good. Virtual democratic governance and network economy need to be defined, however.

  • What exactly is virtual democratic governance?
  • What exactly is the network economy?

There will always be the next ‘what does that mean’ type of question.

Given the fluid, experimental status of most everything in virtual space, attempting to answer every question of this type that arises is unwise, in my opinion.

For now, I’m proposing a separate FAQ style Q&A for reference and flexibility in responding.

Any thoughts?

Ok, I’ve just made a TPV FAQ. The FAQ is a wiki, meaning you can edit it, if you want to add a question or an answer. New users cannot edit the wiki directly, but have to write their questions at the end of the FAQ thread. There are two ways to answer such a question: Either directly, or by copying the question into the FAQ section at the top and writing an answer below that. I think, the latter should be the preferred mode of replying.

Sorry for the late intervention.

TPV represents politics, and what means politics? To avoid an over simplified answer I propose we start taking care of the world itself as the thing we make politics for.

Seeing the global reach of doing politics in the cyberspace one can get strayed from the point that we need to work on tangible matters and not just ethereal bureaucratic issues. Thus I suggest we keep in mind actions.

This way the question is, what actions? Can TPV gather enough power to lobby for some action in geopolitics? Please, when thinking about this refrain from visualizing actions too complex to make the constraint too harsh, so we can all agree than there are things we can do, simple things to start with.

We will start with baby steps once we agree on simple, small actions we can take. And this is important because it will answer the question “what is TPV for?”.

If by proposals we start knowing what we are aiming for, why not to lobby for making the right to body modifications an universal human right? Because I do fear this is an issue that many governments and opposing lobbies will not stay still and would try to take away our freedom.

This is just my point of view, of course. But not thinking in concrete steps of action will drive us to keep the talk on less concrete matters of bureaucracy while we keep seeking what to do, and not doing.

Just a reminder that:

Thank you Michael

“Ok, I’ve just made a TPV FAQ. The FAQ is a wiki”

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That mission belongs to TPG.