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Ritual Guidance for Future Transhumanist Religion

Hello everybody. I am new to these forums. Like most of you, I am transhumanist, and I have a project/community I want to start with all of you. The project/community will be similar to Terasem. The beliefs will be slightly different, as well as the ethics. I’m trying to find someone that can help with the rituals.

My friend Dan and I, who have known each other for quite a while, is looking for someone to complete our religious journey.

See, Dan is good at ethics. He has a philosophy of Right Reason, which primarily deals with ethical concerns. His philosophy briefly touches base on beliefs, but as a whole Right Reason is a philosophy on ethics.

I, on the other hand, am good on beliefs. My own philosophy of Exaltism deals with some key components to transhumanism. I’ve tried to develop ethics and rituals around this philosophy, but I’ve failed to capture the same feel I’ve developed for the beliefs.

Together Dan and I have a belief-and-ethical philosophy that deals with the concerns of concepts like the Omega Point, my concept of Divine Selection, and the ethics of divinity. I think it is safe to say that Dan and I are both transhumanists, and see people like Martine Rothblatt, Ray Kurzweil, Aubrey DeGray, Zoltan Istvan, Teilhard and Max More as honored inspirations for our cause.

There is just one thing that is lacking from our cause. A system of well-balanced and focused rituals that can be performed by followers. Both Dan and I lack experience in this field. We need a third person, who is also inspired to do the same as us, so we can develop a larger whole that would be this religion.

This religion doesn’t have a name yet. We aren’t going to call it Right Reason or Exaltism. In fact, the religion will not have any name until our third person fills this whole, this gap that is our faith. If you are inspired by humanity, by transhumanism, by the guiding light that is in all of us and see it to live an ethical and moral life - AND - can guide us towards responsible ritualistic practices, we’d be glad to take you in. Both Dan and I see this as a goal of many people, not a few.

So, what do you say?

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Hi Mackerni,

welcome to Fractal Future! :slight_smile: I find your project rather interesting, but I wonder about the real details, and more importantly about the question “why?”

What’s the purpose of your project exactly? What problems does it aim at solving? What’s the desired outcome? Why should people care about this?

It would be great, if you could at least address some of these questions.

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