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Proposals for TPUK AGM resolutions - deadline August 31st

Transhumanist Party (UK) members -

don’t forget that the deadline for all proposals for the 2015 AGM (part
of our planned Party Day on october 4th) is August 31st. The first link
below is to a recent blog post explaining what’s going on, including
the deadlines. The second link is to the TPUK Party Constitution
(section 3.3 describes the AGM specifically, which includes voting on
all proposed policies, proposed NEC members [including party membership
representatives], and all other matters).

In addition to the AGM
/ formal voting (which you’ll be able to do online, too), the Party Day
will include presentations and discussions. The third link below is to
the Eventbrite page for the day, which is now open.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

  • Amon

Blog post: “AGM procedure: Get involved, have your say!”:

TPUK Party Constitution (hosted on Transhumanist Party Global wiki):

Party Day 2015 Eventbrite page:

Hi Amon,

It is the first time I’ve looked your party constitution. Have some observations.

  1. Principles. Am thinking that maybe your principles might be better communicated if you used the format used by enterprise architects. See [here][1].

Name: Should both represent the essence of the rule as well as be easy to remember.
Statement: Should succinctly and unambiguously communicate the fundamental rule. It is vital that the principles statement be unambiguous.
Rationale: Should highlight the benefits of adhering to the principle, using appropriate terminology. Also describe the relationship to other principles, and the intentions regarding a balanced interpretation. Describe situations where one principle would be given precedence or carry more weight than another for making a decision.
Implications: Should highlight the requirements for carrying out the principle - in terms of resources, costs, and activities/tasks. The impact and consequences of adopting a principle should be clearly stated. The reader should readily discern the answer to: “How does this affect me?” It is important not to oversimplify, trivialize, or judge the merit of the impact. Some of the implications will be identified as potential impacts only, and may be speculative rather than fully analyzed.

  1. Mission & Vision statements. I’ve never created a constitution document - but am wondering if the vision and mission statements should be included which help communicate the reason why the party needs to exist.


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