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Zoltan's reply to me telling him about this forum

This is a small piece of history I want to preserve here. About 10 months ago, on Facebook, I told Zoltan Istvan about this forum. The Transhumanist Party US homepage I was referring to had a very simplistic look and functionality – which hasn’t actually changed very much by now!

Quote from: Michael Hrenka, 20/01/2015 21:22

Hey there. Judging from the complexity of your current Transhumanist Party homepage I have the suspicion that you don’t have a high functioning communication platform, yet. Facebook is fine for mass engagement, but serious discussion is better done on other platforms like bulletin boards.

So, I’ve gone ahead and created the Social Future Forum which is just that: A bulletin board for transhumanists, technoprogressives, social futurists and those who want to enter an open discussion about the future and social issues.

I’ve already created a dedicated board for the US Transhumanist Party within the SFF. Here’s how to join:

Of course, you would be the moderator of that board, if you are interested in participating in it at all.

This is just an offer to help you out a little bit. If you are opposed to the idea, I can delete the US TP group again.

Quote from: Zoltan Istvan, 20/01/2015 22:52

Hi, I appreciate this and you’re welcome to run the TP board on your site, but I have no time to be a part of it as I am already totally overwhelmed. Thanks for helping out though! It’s appreciated. Cheers, Zolt

I guess he forgot to tell you that he was not intereted in making any serious discussions regarding the Transhumanist Party.

Yes, it’s a bit weird for a person that is so approachable on social media to reject discussing actually important topics and decisions. Zoltan certainly has definite strengths, but cooperating with others isn’t one of them. Unfortunately, that disqualifies him as effective leader.


Just reading this and thought, yeah maybe the means of communication (internet) just make things that much more unsure because of so much of it… but if he had experience, knowledge or connection prior to this then maybe I wouldn’t say this.

Also at the end of anyway, even if something is magic, time runs out… but I wouldn’t see it as a rejection since all things will de-fragment into definite whole pieces (although it could be a direct rejection)… but usually I’d say it’s a combination of things (it’s almost impossible not to be) like not right now I’m busy, I have no idea who you are (it’s a risk or I’m not confident), I have enough on the roster, etc.

Also sounded at the beginning like, you’re website isn’t good enough, rather than giving benefits or demo page of some tactful education - it was off-the-bat honesty and assuming ‘serious discussion’ is better this (… again more of this way is better than that way, and yours doesn’t work as I’d like). The rest is fine for me :slight_smile: Just needed more involved points of the change suggested rather than your and mine and better… I hope without knowing back-story or anything between you that sounds ok… this was a good read for me.