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AGM procedure: Get involved, have your say! On October 4th

News from TPUK:

AGM procedure: Get involved, have your say!

		July 31, 2015 Dr. M. Amon Twyman2015, AGM, democracy, Party Day, TPUK, Transhumanist Party		

Following the public Anticipating 2040 event on October 3rd, TPUK will be holding its first Party Day on Sunday October 4th, which will include presentations, discussion, and the formalities of our first Annual General Meeting. We will be posting a registration page for the Party Day shortly.

It is our intention to use each Party Day as a stepping stone to the next, making the event better each year and using it as a vehicle to develop the party. Certain aspects of the AGM are determined by the requirements of our Party Constitution, meaning that there are certain rules which we must follow. Within those broad constraints, however, we intend to keep things as simple and flexible as possible, for the time being at least. To that end, here are a few brief details about how voting in the AGM will work:

  1. TPUK members only, & importance of the members’ email list
    Although guests and journalists are welcome at the Party Day, the event is primarily for TPUK party members, and only full party members are eligible to participate in voting. Most of the logistics of voting and other AGM issues, and any announcements, will be handled via the email list which all members are invited to when they join the party. If you are not a member but would like to join in time to have some say in policy and other matters this year, you can do so here.
  2. Voting cards, and voting online / in absentia
    In order to differentiate between voting and non-voting attendees at AGM, party members will be given voting cards where they can record their response for all votes tabled for the day (and hand the card back by the day’s end, to be counted). Unfortunately we cannot ensure a high degree of (or perhaps any) online access to the event this year, so the use of voting cards allows non-attending party members to vote aswell. This will be done via the members’ mailing list, with all party members having the option of filling in a virtual voting card, online.
  3. Before voting cards: Proposing policy, representatives, and other motions
    AGM voting will cover a number of issues. Primarily, it will tell us which initial policies are to be put forward for official endorsement by the party. It will also involve voting for members’ representatives on the National Executive Committee and any other motions proposed by party members and approved by the NEC, such as possible amendments to the party constitution. Obviously it will take time to discuss and consider such issues, and even if we were foolish enough to think that people could digest all the relevant information and vote on the same day, that would still leave those not attending out in the cold. Additionally, it will clearly take time for party members and supporters to work up policy ideas and any other proposals for submission. The key dates defining this process are given below.
  4. Important dates and deadlines
    We are now at the end of July, with the Party Day a little over two months away. The deadline for all proposals (including policy proposals, potential Party Officers and members’ representative candidate names, and anything else) is Monday August 31st. Virtual voting cards will be issued via the members’ email list on Sunday September 20th. Voting will be open from that point, until the close of Party Day proceedings on Sunday October 4th. Further details will be posted in the members’ email list and in other TPUK forums over the coming weeks. If you have any questions or feel that you may have missed something important, the best place to raise a question is in the TPUK members’ email list. If you’re really stuck and don’t know how to find the list or join the party, then please don’t hesitate to email!

Here’s a meetup link to the AGM and the Transhumanist Party day.

And there’s already a schedule:

10.00: Arrival and networking
10.30: Keynote talk, by Amon Twyman, party leader, followed by short presentations from founding party members
12.15: Break for lunch (not provided)
13.30: Guest lecture, by Avi Roy, President of Biogerontology Research Foundation and Lead Editor of Longevity Reporter
14:30: Proposals, covering party policy recommendations, with discussions and voting (voting is restricted to party members)
16:00: Questions and Answers with National Executive members
16.30: Formal close of meeting