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What are you listening/watching? Culture sharing experiment


(Maximo Ramallo) #1

Lets introduce entertainment in a little experiment. Mainstream media is too limited, too narrow on what it shows. Even more, media is not the same in all countries, so we may not have the same access to music and culture than people in different countries.

If you try sharing music and videos you can help others broaden their artistic view. This way one can evolve one’s own taste, and our world may change its artistic face, with a little help by the internet of course.

As my first post I here present an exotic example, a theme I am listening lately which I found on youtube and made me think on the subject. Personally, I like to hear music in any language and any style, so I am very excited to see what you might be listening:

Articles of the day
(Michael Hrenka) #2

Cool idea, Maximo! :smiley:

Lately, I’ve revisited the album “Bruise” by the industrial / future pop band Assemblage 23 a lot:

Also, here’s an alphabetical list of my favourite bands:

Apoptgma Berzerk
Ashbury Heights
Assemblage 23
Code 64
Deine Lakaien
Icon of Coil
In Extremo
In Flames
Linkin Park
Solar Fake
VNV Nation

(M. Weingärtner) #3

I watched/listend lately:
One of my favourites:
And this one is for calmer moments :smile: :


(Maximo Ramallo) #5

I’ve definitely know these, must hear the others thou.

Great performance by the Glitch Mob, love it.

And I do hear celtic punk Zanthia, these are difficult to get thou.

I got two citations, one is a very futuristic setting video with an electronic music by Mind In A Box:

The second is from a violinist named Linsay Stirling. Great performance, she gives a complete show, and is not oriented to “commercial” hits only, and this video is dubstep. Wish there would be more artists like her:

PS: Forgive my absence, my computer and network got hacked.

(Guillermo Valle) #6

I love that Mind In a Box - Escape song and video!

Here are some things that have caught my attention (and I remember) in the last few months (in no particular order): (I never liked dubstep, and I still don’t really, but this variant called glitch hop has caught my attention. Haunted by Shirk is quite good, but here’s a compilation:

I’ve also discovered this artist, which I really like: . And a similar one: . On the ambient note, I’ve also discovered this one: This piece is a bit weird, but for some reason I like it.

I’ve also listened quite a lot to Ghost in the Shell soundtrack (I tend to like the OSTs of movies I like): and the anime series, with the awesome “Inner Unisverse”: and I also like this one: although the other ones like: are very good.

On other ones I’ve like since some more time ago, and I still listen to often are:
Tomita (playing a piece by Holst here):
Moondog: (skip to 2:34 if the 1st one is to weird for your liking)
Erisioni (Georgian music):
Oblivion, Interstellar and other soundtracks:
Also like Daft Punk

And this is a good soundscape of what I’ve been listening to lately.

(Maximo Ramallo) #7

Can only take my time to digest all those recommendations, but these are excellent recommendations guillefix.

In this occasion I dare to share some hits from my country, I encourage to share hits from your own to we can delight from your contribution.

Note: Vevo requires go to youtube for watching these videos.

A videoclip (with a horrible thumbnail) from a great band named “Soda Stereo”:

Its impossible not to mention Patricio Rey, he and its band have a huge fanbase:

Bonus clip: In memoriam to the vocalist of Soda Stereo, which died not so long ago, the last video is from him:

(Maximo Ramallo) #8

Time ago I’ve found this interesting, funny and very future related video clip from M.I.A. (not safe for kids):


(Maximo Ramallo) #10

Excellent choices, Zanthia.

Lets keep adding more.


(Maximo Ramallo) #12

Makes music inspired by old 80s movies and video games. And release it all under a creative commons license:

(M. Weingärtner) #13

(M. Weingärtner) #14

Like I’m understanding this thread, it is ok to post things that have nothing to do with music, right?

Currently I’m watching a youtube series (german) about a heroin-addict. He talks about his life experiences and it’s very interesting and touching, but also funny sometimes.

(Maximo Ramallo) #15

Yes, you actually help if you do that, thus far there was more music than anything else.

Thanks for Posthumus btw.

That is very interesting, as youtube can have a variety and uniqueness sometimes only chance makes us find stuff that in other way we can not find.
The series I most watch are from the Fine Brothers, such as “X React to X”.

(M. Weingärtner) #16

I have something else. It’s not music either.

(Michael Hrenka) #17

Best online cartoon series ever: Bravest Warriors. Wacky adventures from the 31st century:

So far, there are 2 seasons. The third one is in works.

(M. Weingärtner) #18

@Radivis @Maximo_Ramallo Does the ASMR video work for you? ^^

@Radivis cool. I didn’t know that you watch that many cartoons :smile:

(Michael Hrenka) #19

What do you mean exactly? I found the video very pleasant. The applied audiovisual stimuli just made me feel good. :smile: It’s certainly a very inspiring video!

Yeah, well, I somehow developed the (bad) habit to watch all kinds of entertaining YouTube videos when I can’t fall asleep, or just want to give my brain a break. If you want more, here’s something funny:

It’s more or less a parody on My Little Pony and some other shows. And it’s rather nicely made.

After I finished school, I also watched a lot of animes and read lots of mangas, and even learned some Japanese (most of which I have forgotten by now :frowning: ). The Japanese culture is one of the most fascinating on this ball of rock flying through space on a helical trajectory:

(M. Weingärtner) #20

Well, some people really feel a tingle while watching AMSR videos. But if it just helps you relaxing, it’s also fine :smile:

The helical model - our solar system is a vortex
"is not only boring, but also incorrect" No, its not. It’s just a matter of the frame of reference.
“Our Solar System moves trough space at 70000 km/h” relatively to what? The milkyway or another galaxy? a galaxy cluster maybe? Tz, stupid video :smiley:

Oh, if you watched Anime, do you know AMVs?