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What are you listening/watching? Culture sharing experiment


(Maximo Ramallo) #21

Sorry for been silent, I’ve been watching (and hearing) the links you sent. I am automatically watching what you post!
Definitely like ASMs, AMVs and the cartoons.

Youtube is having a lot of good stuff. Recently has been announced a show which was kickstarted after the pilot had success.
Here is the trailer of the series:

The great short film in which was based had a great trailer:

And here is the short film, excellent production!

I am really enjoying this guys, keep them coming.

(M. Weingärtner) #22

@Maximo_Ramallo Woah, how cool is that! thx, maximo ^-^

Well it’s weekend and therefore partytime :smile: I want to introduce to you one of my favorite DJs:
DJ S3rl
I think he has a unique style. Some of his tracks are harder, some softer, but they’re always kinda uplifting.

    He makes music about things of the youth/ internet culture. He made a “the legend of zelda” themed song, it’s a masterpiece :smiley:

(M. Weingärtner) #23

I survived monday.
Celebrating this with this video. I find the dance moves just amazing.

(Ken Carroll) #24

Have always liked the theme tune music to this (starts at 1:36)…

(Ken Carroll) #25

Visage anyone?..

(M. Weingärtner) #26

Do you know the Touhou community?

“The Touhou Project (東方Project Tōhō Purojekuto?, lit. Eastern Project), also known as Toho Project or Project Shrine Maiden, is a Japanese dōjin game series focused on bullet hell shooters made by the one-man developer Team Shanghai Alice, whose sole member, known as ZUN, is responsible for all the graphics, music, and programming for the most part. The series was inducted into the Guinness World Records in October 2010 for being the “most prolific fan-made shooter series”.”

Nearly all characters in the games are female (and kind of bad). There is a massive fanbase around touhou drawings (of course). check out deviantart for example.

Part of the community are artists who arrange the soundtracks of the touhou games. And because it’s a big community, there are techno, electronic, schranz, hardcore, hardstyle, metal, orchestral remixes of touhou samples and many more.
Here is a rare gem, a makina arrange:

Very popular are the Satori Maiden themes (the whole video is 2 hours long and shows a lot of arranges. But when you klick it, it will start at 1:12:32, because there is a song i like a lot)

And here is a piano cover of satori maiden:

Another piano cover. I’m not sure which one, I can’t read japanese :smiley:

Well, ok. There is still more :smile:
Bad Apple, also born of the touhou community.

And here is a cover of it with traditional japanese instruments… just beautiful :smile:

sorry for the long post.
here is a dancing reimu

(Ken Carroll) #27

(Ken Carroll) #28

Anyone know this film…and the bomb with an attitude?

(Michael Hrenka) #29

I love the Dark Star movie! :smiley: One of the best science fiction movies ever! :smile:

Anyway, here’s a music video that I watched many times. I love this artistic stuff :smiley:

(M. Weingärtner) #30

I hate it, when music has a intriguing video. How should I say that? I takes away my own imagination, if that makes sense to you.
But if you want something more artistic, look at this:

The genre of the music is Kuduro. A style that is unique and it comes from angola.
But I was really fascinated of what the video shows. It was made on a concert in angola. You can see how the people live, especially the poor of them. And the contrast of poor and rich. And the mentality of them all.

(Michael Hrenka) #31

@Maximo_Ramallo I wonder how you would evaluate the data from this experiment @Maximo_Ramallo. What conclusions do you draw from our posts? :smile:

(Maximo Ramallo) #32

@Radivis, as far as I could dive into (and there is much to see yet) there is one first important fact from my first interpretation.

What is presented here is internationalized culture, with mostly a focus on english language content. We do have exceptions, but even when I tried to “discretely” give hints to see if that could change (a few videos of my own country, directly asking for content from another countries, etc.), the direction kept the same.

The obvious most direct answer as to why this content is so international may be for the audience of the forum, futurists and like minded people are common here. Another less obvious but very powerful answer is that we are seeing more and more an internationalization of the content thanks to internet.

It will be good to see how this develops. Just for the content itself this is so good to see.

By the way, here is the series I was talking a few posts back:

(Martin von Berg) #33

Recently I’ve been listening to Two Steps From Hell quite a lot:

(M. Weingärtner) #34

@MvB I like Two Steps From Hell, too.
how about this?

Everyone who likes movie trailer music, may likes also the deus ex 3 OSTs:

(M. Weingärtner) #35

@Maximo_Ramallo Hey Maximo, you wanted something cultural from other countries? Here, look at these videos. I can’t go more local than that :smiley:


(M. Weingärtner) #36

Well, to bring back life in this thread:

Do you know what nightcore is? maybe you encountered it already while surfing on youtube for example.
Basically nightcore is a speed edit of (mostly pop-)songs with extra pitched up voices.

DjS3rl made an nightcore themed song. It is a good example, because it was made to get “nightcored”

Here is the original:

And here is the nightcore version of it:

So, if you listen to music in the future, you can search for a nightcore version of it, just for fun. Maybe it is even better than the original :wink:

(Michael Hrenka) #37

I’m watching an anime series called “Tokyo Ghoul”. Just think about any vampire story, and now replace vampires with ghouls who don’t desire human blood, but human flesh. Great, doesn’t sound too different or fascinating, but the anime series is surprisingly well made. And the intro of the first season is damn awesome!

Here’s a link to the first episode. I wonder how long it survives on YouTube

And here’s the full version of the opening song of the first season:

(M. Weingärtner) #38

I was asked to post here smth again :wink:

A very talented guy:

(Michael Hrenka) #39

Oh, come on! Did you really have to write that? :sweat_smile:

Anyway, that guy really has some serious talent! Impressive!

Still, I somehow got hooked on the Tokyo Ghoul opening theme. Here’s a lovely 1 hour version of it:

(M. Weingärtner) #40

Oh ok, how about this anime OST?

The whole anime is worth to watch. It is a movie btw, not a series.