Weekly Fractal Future Hangouts

From now on there’s an official time for the Fractal Future Hangout each week: It’s 4 pm UK time zone, every Sunday. The Fractal Future Hangout officially lasts for 1 hour, meaning that it’s officially over at 5 pm UK time.

The purpose of the Fractal Future Hangout is to discuss community matters, learn more about one another, share news on our projects, and talk about topics that are important to us.

For joining the Fractal Future Hangout, you need to join the Transhumanism Discord and enter the Futurism voice channel. If you haven’t joined the Transhumanism Discord before, you need to use an invitation link, for example the following one: https://discord.me/transhumanism.
Note: The web client of Discord is not the most reliable one. Choosing a native client for your OS (Android is supported too) is preferable for voice chat reliability.

I would be glad to hear you in those Fractal Future Hangouts in the future! :smiley:


Can you automate the reminder into #fractualfuture on Slack and perhaps some other channels?

That’s an excellent idea, thanks! :slight_smile: I will look into it.