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Official Fractal Future affiliations


(Michael Hrenka) #1

Fractal Future is officially affiliated with the following platforms and communities:


H+Pedia is a Humanity+ project to spread accurate, accessible, non-sensational information about transhumanism, radical life extension and futurism among the general public. H+Pedia is also an opportunity for transhumanist, radical life extentionist and futurist enthusiasts to work together, thereby strengthening the transhumanist community.

Since transhumanism is seen as quite controversial topic in mainstream consciousness and Wikipedia, there is the need to have a comprehensive resource for information relating to transhumanism and its community. H+Pedia is exactly that resource, and is based on the same software tool as Wikipedia: MediaWiki.

Transhumane Partei Deutschland (TPD) – Transhuman Party Germany

The TPD is a new political party in Germany and represents technoprogressive political transhumanism in general. It’s the alternative to crusted mainsteam parties and irrational populist and extremist contenders. The party uses the Fractal Future Forum officially as internal and as public forum, and is listed as one of its main contact and participation platforms.

Transhumanism Discord

Discord is a chat platform app that supports voice communication. The Transhumanism Discord is a space for discussion about all topics related to transhumanism, the set of philosophies which is concerned with the enhancement of the human condition through science and technology. Use the links or to get an invitation to that space. Afterwards you can join the Transhumanism Discord directly.

Vision of the Fractal Future Forum