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World Wide Web Inbox

(Michael Hrenka) #1

This thread is for collecting diverse interesting finds in the web that somehow seem to fit to the spirit of Fractal Future, without it being clear, what to do with that find exactly, how to categorize it, or what kind of discussions it could trigger.

Here’s a start:

  • WikiGalaxy: Wikipedia visualised as galactic map (visually impressive, but questionable interface).
  • Soylent Coffiest: Synth breakfest including coffee. Someone is thinking very practically.
  • The Good Country Index: How much good do countries do for the world?

Articles of the day

Dont know if here is the right place, its a news not a find

Another one, this is more like a find :slight_smile:


Derzeit (30.10.16 - 05.11.16) läuft die ARD Themenwoche “Zukunft der Arbeit”

Das hier fand ich ganz nett :relaxed:

Elon Musks Hyperloop system will be built in Dubai:

(Michael Hrenka) #4

Ok, this is really impressive:

Crowdfunding seems to explode with great products at the moment.

(Michael Hrenka) #5

Ray Kurzweil interviews Eric Drexler, the father of nanotechnology:

(Michael Hrenka) #6

Socrates interviews Robin Hanson about his new book “The Age of Em”. What’s a society with whole brain emulations like, if capitalism stays basically the same?

(Michael Hrenka) #7

Be loud. Be heard. Be represented.

Welcome to PlaceAVote, a nonpartisan platform that gives you the
opportunity to read, debate, and vote on every bill that is presented
before Congress.

Tags: Blockchain, democracy, governance, transparence

(Michael Hrenka) #8

What AI has learned to do by 2017

The list is impressive. :astonished:

(Michael Hrenka) #9

Since living a paleo lifestyle is hard in this early cyber age, we need tech to compensate for the health issues that our tech creates. Is this device a good investment? What do you think?

(Michael Hrenka) #10

Blocking pain with electricity? Wow! So science fiction! :smiley:

(Michael Hrenka) #11

A backpack that hurts your back less? Hey, why didn’t someone invent that earlier? :cry:

(Michael Hrenka) #12

An EEG headband for helping with sleep and lucid dreaming. That could be useful.

What do you think about this @sandu?

(Michael Hrenka) #13

A 3D printer that looks like it’s able to print out useful stuff for a not too extremely expensive price:

What do you think? I’d still wait until these 3d printers get cheaper. Then it may eventually become a no-brainer to actually purchase one.