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Who is zanthia?


i will try a different approach for an introduction- thread. if i have the courage and fun with it to hang on, i will try to post content that is tied up with my personality and could be shared.
you are free to discuss these puzzle-pieces with me here or just lurk.
i want to start with my nickname. i love to play adventure games since the early 90s. zanthia was nothing more than the first female main character i played, in the second part of the point- and- click adventure series the legend of kyrandia, after adventures like simon the sorcerer, monkey island and indiana jones.

even today i like to play adventure games although not so frequently and more at times once or twice a year.


today i found a podcast that represents perfectly what i want to achieve with thinking in general. in the very early years of my life my father raised my passion for philosophy. later my interest in psychology grows and now i like both in combination.
i found “the voluntary life” some time ago and i think that this is a very nice idea with many interesting topics.
i love to listen to jakes voice for he is easy to understand for someone who is not a native English speaker
(i am from germany) and he sounds so calm and friendly.
how to think for yourself:


i like watching good movies. many times i tried to list my favourite movies and want to find out, whether there are movies that represent my taste. but without much success. i don´t like a special genre, i am not confined to a special time or country, there are very old movies i like and many of them are no hollywood productions. some of them had an emotional impact on me, some of them were thought-provoking, some are just funny or with dense atmosphere or special effects. since movies are an important part of the things in life i don´t want to miss, i will try out two different ways to present them in this thread. first the movies i watched recently and could recommend and second, when i find some of my favourites on you tube. sadly, one could not rely on that they remain there. it would be much easier to share interests, knowledge and culture with digital abundance

yesterday i watched the movie “crash” (2004) by paul haggis. different stories of different people living in los angeles and meet in situations with big emotional impacts. what fascinates me most, is that they all have different motives for their actions but these are all in a way consistent with their character and life and very comprehensible although all the characters do something very bad and also very nice concerning their fellow human beings. one could say, that the golden thread in the movie is about racism and weaponry but to me the merit of the movie is to show the whole spectrum of human motives and how they influence each other without labeling a character as "good " or “bad”.

and here is one movie i love since my childhood:


it is difficult for me to tell what kind of music i listen to, because i am not specialized on one style
of music. but the music i bought in my life was mostly old punk, metal and gothic. so here is an example of two oldies i like:


Hi you’re not far from me… check my about page here :slight_smile:


I found the next mp3 from English speaker Jake also great - it was answering a lot…

234 Radical Personal Finance Interview— Job Free

More and more I’m finding it’s like a conversation as I am on my own journey too in a similar way to others!.. Maybe you heard it already?

Also what do you think about listening to a pod cast I make… or making your own?… Although I think there might be enough already like Jake, maybe some other idea similar or next level to it?

I haven’t found a voice chat program that works well without breaking my stand-points on corporate things… but this voice recording ping-pong might be one way of going about it… or going around it since there is no answer for me now :slight_smile:

Private voice chat

no, i listened only to a few older podcasts.

i stumbled upon “the voluntary life” because of this interview:

i love daniel macklers work.

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i am a bit afraid of facebook. in the past i tested a few social networking services and came to the conclusion that i don´t like that kind of self-display and contact to people. while there is much criticism about facebook my concerns are more emotional. i fear standardised and coerced ways to introduce oneself to others. it is because it means artificial reduction. generally, that is inevitable as long as we don´t have technology to connect each others brains. but if a service provider restricts ways of expression and on the other hand forces people to tell things about them, they initially don´t want to, then the problem of reduction gets worse. getting somebody to know is complex and demanding and should not be intermingled with constraint. a few month ago i listened involuntariliy to a talk in the train where some sort of manager - type repeatedly refers to “sell onleself” and i could not choke my feelings to recognize this as ugly. if i envision a better future and no dystopia, we end that capitalistic play, to sell ourselfs to each other. and we should become aware, that everything we could see about another person is a just a little piece of information and therefore an immense reduction. i am not able to squeeze my whole personality into a profile or a brief talk and althought it might be tempting to select people within a short time, i think it is dysfuctional for the goal of friendship.