Private voice chat

Have you tried out TeamSpeak or Mumble?

I think I did cover these things, but didn’t meet 100% my ideal… like not having a server myself or not being able to have a non-public channel… or something… it’s was about two years ago so maybe if it’s easy and you want to let me know if these fulfil a totally private thing and non-commercial. Thanks

At least Mumble is big on the privacy thing. So, I guess it should be possible to create private channels. At least if we host our own Mumble server. That shouldn’t be too hard. I could try to get a Mumble server running, if there’s any significant interest in that.

About the non-commercial aspect, see

Mumble itself is licensed under the very liberal 3-clause BSD license.

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  1. Looks good. I think it’s a good level up - even just to allow for me and you to get talking and catch on, more than wait for others… I think would a good test once it’s there to see who actually joins more but mainly a good idea and alternative for 2 specific people who perhaps really get into writing but maybe could find another way for their own benefit… (maybe should speak for myself more than you :slightly_smiling: and might not be equal benefit, but benefit nonetheless… even if you already use other chat…it wasn’t with me)

  2. Suggestion: Out of topic - Moving Replies / Text
    I would consider in the overall forum if there were a way to move parts of conversation to another place or once something like a small query is solved, people mutually eliminate it (both flag ok for deletion or trust mod’s/admins)…

Discourse supports these features. Admins can move posts around as they please, at least from a technical standpoint. To demonstrate that, I’ve created this thread for discussion about the private voice chat topic.

I’m not inclined to do the work and set up a Mumble server, if only a single person wants to use it. So, who else would be interested in using a Mumble server? Perhaps that would be a way to get more people involved in the Fractal Future Hangouts, since those with a Google aversion are excluded from using Google Hangouts.

Spencer setup a mumble server for BWCD, so probably he can help you. I think it was straight forward, not sure tho.

Ok… inviting more of people to an alternate hang-out to try also sounds good… and completely understand you want to know who wants to use it first (though I’m not sure it works that way and needs incremental interest).

The comment below yours suggest there might be one existing… so we’ll see or just leave it. Testing something else is maybe just for me (currently)… though I value that a lot !

sounds much better than google hangouts.

Hi all,

Just wondering if WebRTC might help here.
It is a “peer to peer” approach that allows you to connect directly without needing a ‘host’ - though the ‘discovery’ process is clumsy on it’s own, so usually a host is used to start the conversation.

For example might be worth considering. I wonder how hard it would be to integrate into Discourse.

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Hi AGNUcius,

WebRTC and look like really interesting proposals! I haven’t been aware that web technology like that already exists. Thanks for pointing that out! :slightly_smiling: Talky looks promising, but it doesn’t look straightfoward to implement it on any platform. I’ve found nothing about it on the Discourse meta forum. We would probably need a really good Ruby on Rails coders who is willing to work a few weeks on a project as that.

I’m not sure anyone here in the forum has Ruby on Rails skills. I fear not. :confused:

I can think of a few, but everyone has their own project.

I’d advize you to spend some time learning Ruby.

Yeah really happy to hear alternatives. I visited again purely for the ease and see how it’s going - I remember seeing random people talk - it was FAST…instant chat type stuff… (and not saying it’s perfect or something) - just this kind of instantaneous type of contact is great if it’s towards something more decentralised / peer-to-peer - exponentially useful.

  • open money and markets ( maybe Bitcoin + OpenBazaar )
  • forum software ( Discourse, seems great )
  • portable apps (open source, mobile apps and no-install / 0 install type stuff)

Overall. Contact without extra unwanted people in the middle, is a good plan and good practice going forward.

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