Ventings I Have in General

People are dumb for giving up their online anonymity to governments that are known for being controlled by pedophiles, rapists, racists, warmongers, Adolf Hitler, people who kill atheists in the name of theocracy, people who kill homosexuals in the name of theocracy, people who oppress females in the name of theocracy, etc. Think about yourself being a Jew dealing with online surviellance when Adolf Hitler was ruling Germany. Jews would have to keep their Jewish identities secret online for survival if Adolf Hitler forced internet surveillance on people. It’s why governments should not allow surveillance to avoid flawed people from abusing that power. Humans don’t deserve the right to spy on people. They’re too stupid, greedy, and horrible.

The F.B.I. was controlled by racist white men when Martin Luther King, Jr. lived. The F.B.I. agents told Martin Luther King, Jr. to commit suicide. If America had online surveillance during that time, Martin Luther King, Jr. would have never freed black people.

The F.B.I. is still controlled by men who attack human rights to keep billionaire men in power. It’s a game of billionaire patriarchy and plutocracy where human rights are attacked for profitable power. So, online surveillance only works in favor of these billionaire predators who oppress others by spying on them.

Nikocado Avocado doesn’t care about the environment. He is a leech leeching onto Earth’s limited supply of food and water. America’s greedy culture is not environmentally sustainable when American businesses are causing droughts and food shortage from using too much water from factories. I am tired of these dumb Americans acting entitled to their impractical lifestyles.

Deezer is not the best for finding original masters without audio distortion. Some songs on Deezer are not original masters, because they sound distorted. This is why Qobuz got an award instead of Deezer.

Then, Deezer has lacking customer support at times.

And then, customers are having to call their banks when Deezer’s system keeps charging their bank accounts.

Overall, Deezer is a mediocre platform lacking professionalism. I would recommend Qobuz for audio quality and professionalism. But I would only recommend Deezer for its big catalogue of music.

Tidal sucks. You have to use special equipment for unfolding the M.Q.A. that gives a lossless sound. Another thing that sucks about Tidal is its lacking customer support, especially when your I.P. address gets stupidly banned. What sucks about Tidal is that its music videos are not in 4K resolution yet. Some music videos are in 4K resolution originally. Conclusively, you are likely getting a lossy music video from Tidal. Going to say that Tidal is another mediocre platform. I would rather use Qobuz. Not have to deal with M.Q.A. bullshit and a laughable customer support team from Tidal.

People financially supporting businesses like Microsoft, Apple, Sony, Google, Facebook, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, ASUS, and other big tech companies are empowering billionaire oligarchs who profit from child slaves and wage slaves overseas. So, I hate this society.

Females who think their country protects women better take a good look at female child slaves making their smartphones while billionaire men profit from endless wars, slavery, etc. I hate these mainstream sellouts talking about gender equality while their evil corporations profit from female child slavery overseas that helps billionaire men only.

There is no gender equality if these countries’ rulers are not stopping the inequality between female child slaves and billionaire men on an international level. There is no gender equality if cisgender men are still required military service for drafts except for cisgender women.

I hate dating. Another thing I hate is trying to make friends. What I also hate are my complicit family members who put on facades. My parents bringing me into this world was child abuse automatically. Bringing a child into this world of religious, political, and societal bullshit is abusive enough as it is. These children are born into a world where humans are more horrible than other species.

Countries exist to stroke humans’ emotion-driven egos. Countries represent low I.Q. tribalism. Countries prove that humans overcomplicate things compared to other species. If all humans won the genetic lottery and were fully compassionate, countries would not exist. I don’t trust anyone, especially who is patriotic. I’m getting tired of these people talking about how great their countries are. They aren’t great. They are prisons with passport requirement, language barriers, laughable “education” systems, ridiculous censorship, etc.

These business leeches don’t understand or care that planned obsolescence is not compatible with environmental sustainability, especially considering Earth has limited supply of nonrenewable resources. They only care about profit and making ends meet. So, they’re destroying Earth in a short-sighted way that will push humans closer to extinction.

I hate music streaming platforms that replace original recordings with remastered ones. Not all remastered versions are actually higher quality. From actuality, remastered music can actually sound less good than original ones.

^ Jokes on ageist and non-asexual jackasses not getting laid when they become old.

^ This song is for douchebags who are transphobic and sexist.

^ This song is like a Reddit post. Not all rich, white, and straight men are mostly horrible on the inside. Some of them are trying to make the world be better for everyone. Not just for themselves.

I lost patience when talking to people these days. Most of them don’t care about ethics, honesty, and serious conversations. Most of them are walking on eggshells on Facebook to hide their true colors. They hide their true colors with smiles, family photos, “friends”, and charisma on Facebook. Pretty sad knowing that Marilyn Manson was more honest than most people. Pretty sad knowing pathological liars like Evan Rachel Wood would act like an F.B.I. agent and get her vicious gang members of girls to harass Marilyn Manson. No wonder why Marilyn Manson had to hire security guards considering how psychotic America has become. Safe to say I hate this world.

Pretty sad knowing fascist America, its complicit N.A.T.O. allies, totalitarian countries like China with Orwellian mass surveillance and banned V.P.N.s, and such have all created shitty people who hide their true colors.

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Of course, people can call me toxic. I have a reason to be toxic. It’s because I don’t hide my true colors online or offline like these backstabbing parasites do.

I’m thinking about committing suicide. I’m tired of this vile and disgusting world. Many people lie, steal, cheat, kill, betray, etc. Governments are becoming increasingly tyrannical with Orwellian mass surveillance and censorship against journalists. It’s proof that societies are not controlled by decent people. They’re controlled by greedy and cut-throat people who lie to make money and power. Compassionate therapists are a joke in this cut-throat capitalist society. Just professional drug dealers disgused as therapists who want your money. They do this coldhearted business act by keeping their private lives secret from patients. But they’re flawed and parasitically wanting your money on the inside. But they do their best to act all professional. What a fucking joke like society is. People putting on a professional act while being flawed idiots and asshats on the inside. Lying scumbags trying to make their products seem quality-oriented when it’s actually profit-oriented. Tired of these human assholes trying to make me feel something for money and power. There’s no compassionate intellectual who never hides their true colors running governments. I’ll tell you that. And I’m disgusted by these women creating children that end up becoming awful adults when society actually does not encourage behavior from decent people. Society actually rewarding greedy and cut-throat people who can lie to make money and power. Which sheep help keep these tyrants in power. So, it’s both sheep and rulers fault for society’s evil. I’m disgusted by these women who marry child killers disguised as soldiers, marines, navy servicemen, intelligence agents, etc. As you can see. Society doesn’t really give a shit about decent people when it kills children for money and power. America, its complicit N.A.T.O. allies, and others are repsonsible for allowing the killings of children for profit and power. Europe tries to act all socialistic. But that is slowly but surely ending now since America has economically bullying Europe. So, Europe becomes a vassal part of America. France’s rulers started increasing the retirement age for enslaving French people. It’s a New World Order agenda for allowing super wealthy people to extort their wealth and power by making everyone else suffer. Like I said. Society gets controlled by humans who turn things to shit while some decent people are more likely to get killed in their greedily neverending wars. Also, sickos mutilate their infants’ genitals disguised as circumcision when it’s not really necessary at all. Which circumcision has actually caused psychological damage and higher risk of erectile dysfunction, diseases, infection, death, etc. I’m just tired of living in this world that disgusts me, especially with people who have betrayed my trust.

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Deleted my Facebook and Discord accounts. So many vile and insincere bottomfeeders on there who are mostly non-high I.Q. sheep complying to their wage slave jobs while sociopathic rulers control them. Technologies replacing human workers isn’t increasing I.Q.s, either. Lower I.Q.s cause poverty, health issues, stupid decisions, crime, moral ambiguity, and other forms of corruption. So, I’m tired of social media. It’s showing how increasingly dumb and insincere people are becoming.

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Thank you for being so outspoken about the problems you see in this world. You are certainly right with much of what you say, but I think your general outlook might be too negative. We live in a time of unprecedented chances. A lot of the corruption you bemoan actually becomes visible, which is a much better situation than from suffering from that kind of corruption without being aware of it. Being aware of the problems is the first step to fixing them.

Your generally negative outlook about the low moral and intellectual qualities of human is something that many intelligent and empathic people share. Actually, it’s the one thing that worries me most, but hey, we don’t get to choose what kind of humanity we were born into. Let’s just make the best out of the resources we have.

People often only change, if the situation becomes bad enough. That we live in truly troubled times gives me reason for hope that people eventually get their shit together and start fixing the broken system we find ourselves in. At the very least, the next years will be very interesting, especially since we are the beginning of an AI revolution.

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