Ventings I Have in General

People are dumb for giving up their online anonymity to governments that are known for being controlled by pedophiles, rapists, racists, warmongers, Adolf Hitler, people who kill atheists in the name of theocracy, people who kill homosexuals in the name of theocracy, people who oppress females in the name of theocracy, etc. Think about yourself being a Jew dealing with online surviellance when Adolf Hitler was ruling Germany. Jews would have to keep their Jewish identities secret online for survival if Adolf Hitler forced internet surveillance on people. It’s why governments should not allow surveillance to avoid flawed people from abusing that power. Humans don’t deserve the right to spy on people. They’re too stupid, greedy, and horrible.

The F.B.I. was controlled by racist white men when Martin Luther King, Jr. lived. The F.B.I. agents told Martin Luther King, Jr. to commit suicide. If America had online surveillance during that time, Martin Luther King, Jr. would have never freed black people.

The F.B.I. is still controlled by men who attack human rights to keep billionaire men in power. It’s a game of billionaire patriarchy and plutocracy where human rights are attacked for profitable power. So, online surveillance only works in favor of these billionaire predators who oppress others by spying on them.

Nikocado Avocado doesn’t care about the environment. He is a leech leeching onto Earth’s limited supply of food and water. America’s greedy culture is not environmentally sustainable when American businesses are causing droughts and food shortage from using too much water from factories. I am tired of these dumb Americans acting entitled to their impractical lifestyles.

Deezer is not the best for finding original masters without audio distortion. Some songs on Deezer are not original masters, because they sound distorted. This is why Qobuz got an award instead of Deezer.

Then, Deezer has lacking customer support at times.

And then, customers are having to call their banks when Deezer’s system keeps charging their bank accounts.

Overall, Deezer is a mediocre platform lacking professionalism. I would recommend Qobuz for audio quality and professionalism. But I would only recommend Deezer for its big catalogue of music.

Tidal sucks. You have to use special equipment for unfolding the M.Q.A. that gives a lossless sound. Another thing that sucks about Tidal is its lacking customer support, especially when your I.P. address gets stupidly banned. What sucks about Tidal is that its music videos are not in 4K resolution yet. Some music videos are in 4K resolution originally. Conclusively, you are likely getting a lossy music video from Tidal. Going to say that Tidal is another mediocre platform. I would rather use Qobuz. Not have to deal with M.Q.A. bullshit and a laughable customer support team from Tidal.

People financially supporting businesses like Microsoft, Apple, Sony, Google, Facebook, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, ASUS, and other big tech companies are empowering billionaire oligarchs who profit from child slaves and wage slaves overseas. So, I hate this society.

Females who think their country protects women better take a good look at female child slaves making their smartphones while billionaire men profit from endless wars, slavery, etc. I hate these mainstream sellouts talking about gender equality while their evil corporations profit from female child slavery overseas that helps billionaire men only.

There is no gender equality if these countries’ rulers are not stopping the inequality between female child slaves and billionaire men on an international level. There is no gender equality if cisgender men are still required military service for drafts except for cisgender women.

I hate dating. Another thing I hate is trying to make friends. What I also hate are my complicit family members who put on facades. My parents bringing me into this world was child abuse automatically. Bringing a child into this world of religious, political, and societal bullshit is abusive enough as it is. These children are born into a world where humans are more horrible than other species.

Countries exist to stroke humans’ emotion-driven egos. Countries represent low I.Q. tribalism. Countries prove that humans overcomplicate things compared to other species. If all humans won the genetic lottery and were fully compassionate, countries would not exist. I don’t trust anyone, especially who is patriotic. I’m getting tired of these people talking about how great their countries are. They aren’t great. They are prisons with passport requirement, language barriers, laughable “education” systems, ridiculous censorship, etc.