Ventings I Have in General

I read history books. I watched historical videos proving how societies were different in the past to some extent. But there is consistent oppression against people for thousands of years. There has been consistent oppression against high I.Q. people for thousands of years. Most products are made for dumb people. Most people do not have the intellectual capacity to understand very broad topics like polymaths can. Humans have evolved to dumb themselves down for accommodating people’s different intellectual capacities in society. Most people are only concerned with money, sex, power, family, helpers disguised as friends, dumbed down entertainment, dumbed down music, alcohol, drugs, food, water, shelter, and putting on facades for self-image in society. So, societies have been and are idiocracies while high I.Q. activists get treated like afterthoughts. Which is why people like Martin Luther King, Jr. got assassinated. It’s why people like Julian Assange got imprisoned. It’s why N.A.T.O. oligarchs are successfully continuing their Ukraine proxy war crime against humanity. It’s why America is collapsing when its oligarchs are destroying stable communities through wealth inequality, police brutality, corporate media propaganda, poor quality public schools, underpaid teachers, rotting infrastructure, fascist military culture of normalized war crimes for profit that are environmentally unsustainable, Orwellian mass surveillance, hatred, fear, and so forth. America’s oligarchs are also bullying Europe economically, especially by having American war criminals have U.S. military bases in European countries. Which is why Europe does not protect human rights while N.A.T.O. billionaire oligarchs live in luxury while everyone else suffers. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s antiwar and compassionate legacy is being insulted by N.A.T.O. sellouts. Which N.A.T.O. sellouts are a lot of people. Besides that, China is not that great, either. It bans V.P.N.s, free press, critical thinking through social credit scores, and democracy through oligarchy. China is trying to have peace and prosperity in countries. But China is not perfect when it comes to protecting human rights, either. China’s oligarchs do not care about accommodating the L.G.B.T.Q. community by legalizing same-sex marriage for genuine inclusion. As a bisexual person, I would not marry someone through same-sex marriage in China legally. So, all of these things are why I have a hard time not being “too” negative after studying history, watching history repeat itself, and other things.

If Europe protected human rights, it would abolish mass surveillance, corporate media propaganda, website banning for promoting N.A.T.O. propaganda, tax evasions for only rich people, America’s economic bullying, American war crimes by banning the Hague Invasion Act, U.S. military bases, and many other things. But Europe continues to be a vassal for America’s oligarchs. Which is really why European countries lost their economic powers after the American empire was created once natives’ lands were stolen through faked legal documents like the Declaration of Indepedence. Greedy psychos from Europe created the American empire to avoid taxes and become powerful. So, I find it cringeworthy when people celebrate America’s founding fathers who were white and rich men who cared not for compassion nor intellectually liberating their working class slaves. So, the American dream illusion is only for sheeple.

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Also, the people in my country are horrible or end up being that way eventually after high school when selling their souls to Wall Street criminal corporations for money. This happens internationally. Not just my country. Wall Street criminal corporations have spread out in different countries. It doesn’t matter what laws are in place per country. It’s all part of the N.A.T.O. war crime organization that keeps billionaires super wealthy while everyone else suffers socioeconomically. N.A.T.O. war criminals bully Africans into severe poverty and child slavery. There was never freedom and democracy in N.A.T.O. countries. It was all to distract people with false hope while elites were causing war crimes and becoming billionaires while more people struggle socioeconomically regarding rising inflation. It’s hard to find decent people, especially when you know a lot of information that exposes how awful society has been for thousands of years that keeps elites super wealthy while everyone else suffers. It would require to destroy the entire system for building another one that genuinely allows freedom and democracy. Then, children wouldn’t become corrupt from systemic oppression this current system causes from cut-throat elites monopolizing media companies for indoctrinating people by whitewashing history via hiding war crimes (so rewriting history to keep victims silenced and forgotten), food supply from Bayer/Monsanto’s carcinogenic products, water supply, product prices through unnecessary inflation, technologies by making internet service providers do Orwellian mass surveillance, etc. while people deal with an illusion of freedom and democracy. But finding decent people is hard. Most people act all nice until you show how programmed they are in society to benefit their wealthy masters. Narcissistic sociopaths, psychopaths, and high I.Q. people have a harder time getting programmed in society, though. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a high I.Q. leader that represented peace and compassion. But finding high I.Q. people who represent peace and compassion are much harder to find these days than in the past. Billionaires are now making sure most people are dumb and demoralized workers who keep the cut-throat system going. Which is why we are having environmental disaster, societal collapse, lower I.Q.s, declined literacy rates, weaker conscience, and negligent parents allowing their underaged children to go on social media filled with war criminals like feds, kidnappers, rapists, drug addicts, alcoholics, B.D.S.M. sickos, religious grifters, con artists, sociopaths, psychopaths, sadists, etc. Which is why underaged children’s childhoods and mental health are being attacked online. All of these things are why I don’t want children.

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I mostly agree with your analysis of the problems we are currently facing. It’s just that I want to make a positive impact in this world and figuring out how this world works and sharing those insights doesn’t feel sufficient.

The main problem is that it’s incredibly difficult to enlighten people about what is really going on. Talking with people who already understand central aspects might be nice and helpful, but it doesn’t really shift the balance towards “sane” people winning. During the last years I’ve tried various approaches to make people realize the whole picture, but they mostly fail at the stage of them not wanting to seriously engage with deeply unpleasant thoughts.

I think that influencers have a better chance at reaching people, so maybe it’s the best approach to support those influencers who display signs of clarity and integrity.

Anyway, I think we are living in a unique time in which our chances are greater than ever before, since we can leverage social media and decentralized cryptocurrencies. A lot of people are starting to figure out what games the criminal elites are playing and therefore develop a resistance against their strategies of manipulation.

Don’t give up! Things can and will get better.

The problem is that humans evolved to have average intelligence.

Always a smaller amount of people could/can be polymaths who had/have high enough intelligence to understand very broad topics.

Which is why humans took so long to invent ideas, technologies, and other things that exist today.

Cisgender men have had more money and power than cisgender women for thousands of years.

^ King Henry VIII killed his 2 wives because of psycho patriarchy.

^ King Alfred was a patriarchal conqueror who helped create the British empire.

Cisgender women have adopted cisgender men’s cut-throat personality traits to gain wealth and power, though.

Antisocial personality, crimes (especially war crimes), rapes, con artistry, religious cult leadership, oppressive censorship, sadistic torture methods, and greedy violence usually happened/happen from cisgender men because they tended/tend to behave differently than cisgender women.

^ George Carlin talking about the billionaire men who control everything, especially by censoring their enemies.

It’s why the people don’t want transgender women in women’s restrooms to avoid getting sexually harassed and mugged.

Unfortunately, I.Q.s are dropping when technologies like artificial intelligence are replacing human workers. I.Q.s are dropping when people are too distracted on their phones, computers, video games, and other things, too. So, this is creating an idiocratic consumer society pumping out mediocre products. Which is a reason why the quality of music, games, movies, television shows, and other things have dropped. Other reasons why the quality dropped is because inflation, environmental disaster destroying countries, indoctrinating schools, censorship against people like Julian Assage, dehumanizing social credit scores, Orwellian mass surveillance, and whatever else made societies collapsed internationally.

I am only pointing out why humans have not significantly changed for thousands of years despite technological advancement, transgenderism, women’s rights activists, and such. Humans are still lying, cheating, killing, betraying, stealing, being stupidly greedy, causing wars, and other things. Nothing has changed that. It will be very hard to reverse damage that humans have done for thousands of years considering human nature opens Pandora’s box. But I would like to be optimistic and hopeful.

I also want to point out that social media platforms are preventing people from protecting their online anonymity through data analytics that influence advertisements. The big tech industry has been infiltrated by very wealthy tyrants who do not protect people’s human rights, too.

About the big tech industry being infiltrated by very wealthy tyrants. Many video gaming businesses have become environmentally unsustainable regarding planned obsolescence. Environmentalism activists have bemoaned about it. But the short-sightedly greedy ruling class does not care. So, video gaming businesses are contributing to environmental disaster. The ruling class has usually been short-sightedly greedy for thousands of years. So, trying to make products last long and run smoothly for preventing environmental disaster does not matter in these ruling class people’s eyes. I predict humans making themselves become extinct whether they like it or not unless things change.