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Solving Problems with Collective Intelligence – Towards an Internet of Thinkers?

Today my article on the Internet of Thinkers idea has been published on the IEET blog. It seems the IEET is a good place to get at least many people to check out a blog post.

What do you think about that article?

  • Too long
  • Too shallow
  • Too self-promoting
  • Too unscientific
  • Too generic
  • Actually useful
  • Good
  • Excellent
  • Interesting
  • Inspiring

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I have been contacted on Twitter about a couple of apps which do seem to use a clever collective intelligence system for identifying skin conditions by crowdsourcing and incentivizing experts who identify them: SkinPhotoTextMatch

Then there’s also a project idea for creating a better group deliberation system: a Social Network for Ideas

And then it seems that there’s a project that had a quite similar idea and already created a video about this intriguing system: