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Reinventing Organizations

Today I’ve stumbled upon a very interesting book that has been promoted on Facebook by highly esteemed sources. It’s the book “Reinventing Organizations” by Frederic Laloux:

It’s basically about a newly emerging type of organization applying revolutionary (un- / self- / non-)management practices. There’s a short vimeo video about the core concepts in the book:

And there’s a longer talk by the author about the book in which he goes into more detail and presents some examples and answers interesting questions from the audience:

I haven’t actually read the book, yet, because I’ve only started with the videos above, but it’s a high priority for me to do so as soon as possible, because this is a highly relevant and energizing topic. I hope you find the topic interesting, too. It seems to point towards a core transformation in organizations, and therefore in society at large.

I’d be glad to discuss anything you have in mind in relation to this book. It actually suggests multiple topics that have some connection with this book. One of them is the topic with the title “$100 M Budget for a Better Future Organisation”, which has actually been inspired only by the title of the book, without me reading or watching anything about it!

Another topic that suggests itself in relation to the book is how to apply its insights to the small community we have here – or even to all the organisations that we personally relate to. That’s a topic that I want to create once I’ve finished reading the book.

Until then, please be inspired, come up with feedback or criticism, and read the book if you like.

Thank you! :smile:

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From the first video I suspect from biases rooted into capitalism coming from the theory. I get is a method for understanding how the society is set and where to aim, still it portraits westerner’s views, maybe centralized from local idiosyncrasies of a few countries. But I will check more before a final judgment.

There is another concept that tries explaining social systems called spiral dynamics:

Which I wouldn’t say solved everything but is a previous theory with a wide field of investigation. Yet
its founder goes into action in serious environments:

Here is a resource to it (resources which are difficult to find in quality):

The book uses a mental evolution framework that is quite similar to the spiral dynamics framework. I find it hard to evaluate the relative merits of these different evolution frameworks, but they are interesting and challenging. Discussing them in depth would probably be a good use of our time :smile:

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But of course, we are in a never ending spiral of debate already, lets keep going in the carousel :carousel_horse:

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I’ve found an interesting report on how B-Corporations and teams can be really effective: Doing Well By Doing Good

The findings correspond rather well with the principles and conclusions from the “Reinventing Organizations” book.