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Quantified Prestige documentation V0.03 released

Today I’ve uploaded the third release of my reputation economy system documentation to my domain Actually, it’s not a very polished release, but there are some definite improvements over the last version. There are still a lot of changes and improvement I want to put into the next versions of the documentation, but I think the current state of version 0.03 is ok, so I’m releasing it now, in order to have something nicer to present when people are interested in the details of my system.

Please spread this documentation widely, nevertheless. And make sure to make a backup copy just for the unlikely case that something weird happens to my domain or me! :smiley:

And please use this thread for some quick replies on your first impressions on the new version. Feedback is always appreciated! :smile:

Last but not least, I’m not sure about what’s the best way to release and publish the different versions of this documentation. Could GitHub be a good idea, or is there a better place for publishing .pdfs or their .tex source files? Would anyone actually be interesting on working on the documentation together with (or in competition to) me? Anyway, I’ve also neglected my own blog on for quite a while. Perhaps it would be the best idea to polish and restructure it a bit, so that it quickly and clearly links to anything interesting that I have been doing.

Finally, another link to the documentation (334.6 KB) : Quantified Prestige documentation V0.03, and a direct download link from the F3 webspace: quantifiedprestige003.pdf

Today I bumped the version number of the Quantified Prestige System documentation to 0.3.1 and put it on GitHub, because working without a Version Control System is really starting to get annoying:

Here are some helpful references for working with GitHub, especially when it comes to LaTeX documents:

Note that you can see the whole ugly source code of the QPS documentation. And you can edit it, if you are inclined to do so. Building the final pdf is not necessary. I can do that on my own.

I’m not actually expecting anyone to work on the documentation, because it’s on GitHub now. It’s more for my own convenience to have a version of the QPS documentation on GitHub.