Power Corrupts and the God Simulation

I’ve been aware of the channel of a YouTuber called “DarkMatter2525” on which he presents self-made cartoons about God and atheism. Recently he started his most ambitious and ingenious work: A series about the origins of God himself!

The basic premise is that there is this futuristic society and Jahwe is more or less an incompetent bully and sociology student within that world. For his final exam, he is put in a very special simulation that is supposed to evaluate his character and whether he’s fit to wield power in the real world. Because power corrupts, being granted absolute power is the ultimate test of character. So, in this God Simulation the candidates are thrown into the following setting: They are robbed of all their memories of the real world and are being made to believe they are God.

I think that’s a very clever idea. This kind of God Simulation Test could be applied in the future to all kinds of individuals who are put in a position of great power (if there will actually be a need for such a precarious concentration of power). Not only humans, but also AGIs (or ASIs) could be required to do such kind of God Simulation Test.

What do you think about that idea? And what do you think about the DarkMatter videos (many of his other videos are really good and hilarious, too)?


I don’t know when I’ll have time and motivation to read his works, but the idea is quite interesting.

The story continues and is getting increasingly interesting:

The whole series is now reaching epic proportions.

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