Ideation phase for the Internet of Thinkers

@Ken_Carroll and I are currently collaborating to launch a new platform called the Internet of Thinkers. We already have some cool ideas how to proceed with it, but we decided to crowdsource the idea gathering process to find out what the world actually wants us to build. The site currently sends you to a feedback form that you can use to share your wishes and hopes with us. Of course, you can also use this forum thread.

I think that the “Internet of Thinkers” sounds like a really big thing. And I’m curious about your initial – or reflected – associations with that term. What should the “Internet of Thinkers” really be? What should it do? What features should it have? How should it operate? Why would people interact with it, and how? What are even better questions to ask about the Internet of Thinkers?

If you don’t want to answer in the open, you can also send me a PM as reply. :email: