What Should the Internet of Thinkers be Exactly?

I think it’s plausible to assume that most people actually want something like an “Internet of Thinkers” to exist. The real question then becomes: What should that be exactly? This is why the Ideation phase for the Internet of Thinkers was started. We got some interesting feedback, also including some critical warning that it needs more than feedback forms, ideation, and thinking. Sure, that’s absolutely right. And that’s why there’s this thread and the general Internet of Thinkers category on this forum now.

The Fractal Future Forum is a place for envisioning and creating a better future. So, first of all, I’m asking you for visions for an Internet of Thinkers. It would be great, if you came up with something that actually could be built within the next 5 or 10 years. If you aim for something more ambitious, that’s great, too, because it would inform our long term goals!

If you have some general ideas or remarks about the Internet of Thinkers that doesn’t really fit into this thread, please feel free to create a new topic within the “Embassies > Internet of Thinkers” category. Thank you!