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Ersatz Shoutbox


(Professor J. Moriarty) #21

iv you loook closely you can see the hidden subliminal message!

(Professor J. Moriarty) #22

cum to IRC Chat: KiwiIRC

(Professor J. Moriarty) #23


IRC my site uses…
Can try it here…

I’m also trying out some chat things via sidebar so people can surf and read msg’s on one page (instead of having two windows open)… but I think overall there isn’t much need, application or reason for it…

(Professor J. Moriarty) #25

you are trying to start a community? What chan? #DIY? is empty

(Michael Hrenka) #26

Fractal Future Hangout on Mumble starting in 40 minutes.

(Michael Hrenka) #27

Now talking on Mumble:


yeah I guess I am trying to start something… naturally it should be also formed from people established around here or at least involving them + the help of some people / visitors / volunteers to work on things too in a some way as I think it’s a nice change in many ways. I do like the idea of people visiting and chipping in towards themselves and what is here already or could be.

The IRC, like I literally said above… hasn’t much need, application or reason for it…


Suggestion: If possible and easy, put an icon / link to this page at the top called CHAT
Also my guess is that the “3” currently in my shout box is to be ignored as doesn’t reflect msgs on this page, as it’s separate?.. and people should just check this page instead? I guess this page has no indicator for newly messages but it’s not so much of a big thing.

(Professor J. Moriarty) #30

(Michael Hrenka) #31

Thanks for mentioning that article. I will reply to that as soon as a can think clearly again. My mind is a bit confused right now. Being sick :confused:

(Professor J. Moriarty) #32

Horgan: If you were King of the World, what would top your “To Do” list?

Yudkowsky: I once observed, “The libertarian test is whether, imagining that you’ve gained power, your first thought is of the laws you would pass, or the laws you would repeal.” I’m not an absolute libertarian, since not everything I want would be about repealing laws and softening constraints. But when I think of a case like this, I imagine trying to get the world to a condition where some unemployed person can offer to drive you to work for 20 minutes, be paid five dollars, and then nothing else bad happens to them. They don’t have their unemployment insurance phased out, have to register for a business license, lose their Medicare, be audited, have their lawyer certify compliance with OSHA rules, or whatever. They just have an added $5.

I’d try to get to the point where employing somebody was once again as easy as it was in 1900. I think it can make sense nowadays to have some safety nets, but I’d try to construct every safety net such that it didn’t disincent or add paperwork to that simple event where a person becomes part of the economy again.

I’d try to do all the things smart economists have been yelling about for a while but that almost no country ever does. Replace investment taxes and income taxes with consumption taxes and land value tax. Replace minimum wages with negative wage taxes. Institute NGDP level targeting regimes at central banks and let the too-big-to-fails go hang. Require loser-pays in patent law and put copyright back to 28 years. Eliminate obstacles to housing construction. Copy and paste from Singapore’s healthcare setup. Copy and paste from Estonia’s e-government setup. Try to replace committees and elaborate process regulations with specific, individual decision-makers whose decisions would be publicly documented and accountable. Run controlled trials of different government setups and actually pay attention to the results. I could go on for literally hours.

All this might not matter directly from the perspective of two hundred million years later. But the goodwill generated by the resulting economic boom might stand my government in good stead when I tried to figure out what the heck to do about Artificial Intelligence. The obvious thing, I guess, would be a Manhattan Project on an island somewhere, with pay competitive with top hedge funds, where people could collaborate on researching parts of the Artificial General Intelligence problem without the publication of their work automatically moving us closer to the end of the world. We’d still be working to an unknown deadline, and I wouldn’t feel relaxed at that point. Unless we postulate that I have literally magical powers or an utterly unshakeable regime, I don’t see how any law I could reasonably decree could delay AI timelines for very long on a planet where computers are already ubiquitous.

All of this is an impossible thought experiment in the first place, and I see roughly zero hope of it ever coming to pass in real life.

(Professor J. Moriarty) #33

(Professor J. Moriarty) #34

‎Michel Bauwens‎ to P2P
‪#‎mustread‬ about the convergence of the blockchain and the commons

Bauwens‎ is someone you should hunt down for your forum zoo

(Michael Hrenka) #35

Spontaneous idea for a catch-all name that collects the reputation guy:

DREAM: Digital Reputation Economy Abundance Movement

DAN: Digital Abundance Network hasn’t turned out to become a huge success, but that’s rather because I didn’t put much energy into that idea, rather than because of the name. Names are sometimes not as important. But anything else being equal, better names are preferable.

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(Professor J. Moriarty) #40

@rouletabosse use the this shout ‘box’ if you have quick questions. Forum post are for more in depth topics. I dunno if we have any french users here. Tell us about yourself. Is there a French Transhumanist Party?

utiliser la «boîte» ce shout si vous avez des questions rapides . Forum après sont les plus sujets en profondeur . Je ne sais pas si nous avons des utilisateurs français ici . Parles-nous de toi. Y at-il une Partie Transhumanist française ?