Ersatz Shoutbox

You can use this thread as replacement for the general shoutbox which currently doesn’t work, because the developer needs to adapt the Babble plugin to the new plugin API of the Discourse forum software.

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Yeah, it’s a cheap ersatz, but it’s better than nothing.

it’s better than that tiny box anyway.

what about replacing it with the IRC thing?

Yeah, now you have a large box. :slightly_smiling:

Replacing it with IRC? Maybe.

it also works with browser notifications. the box didn’t.

The advantage of the shoutbox was that it was nicely integrated into the forum, and not just another big browser tab or app thing.

and bigger history. and threads

The problem is that the name and user icons take away a lot of space unnecessarily here

cant you disable the shoutbox icon at the top?

irc is better. tried and tested, and people can use any client they like.

how many hits this week? did you give up on that GA substitute?

IRC is old. I’ve already tried integrating IRC into the forum. It wasn’t much of a success. It’s hard to get a lot of guys like us into any chat platform, no matter how good or bad it is.

I think I’ve given up on the idea of counting hits. It’s just a pointless number. It’s better to measure user engagement and project progress. Activity numbers are pretty much a distraction.

fair point.

i think we should have user intros linked from the top.
and maybe show new accounts created

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You mean as link in the topmost link bar? Might not be a bad idea.

Hmm, maybe. But most accounts will be of lurkers and inactive members anyway. They don’t provide much of a social proof. Active discussions with lots of participants would be a much better natural social proof.

Yeah. but seeing new people at the top might encourage them to make intro profiles and interact. Make it harder for them to lurk!

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