Educational Links to bash technology

More than ‘bash’ anything the title may suggest I really mean “some education” short clips or longer films / documentary… all to support actual evidence, experience, footage and of what we believe to be technology and perhaps what it is. (bullet points are the title + link, some comments underneath)

###Short (<5min) clips

##1st film / documentary:

The real technology costs in so many other ways than money… connected more than ever ALL over the world… often irreversible / irrecoverable over-consumption & damage… all for what?.. supporting more population (in 50years it’s tripled! 2billion x 3! ) and more stuff ?

Enough is enough… I think slowly we’re coming to the understanding about technology and where it comes from, how, who, when and where… from iphones / HTC’s to the computer… see how easy it is to use… it’s come to a point where this is your politic or environmental choice… buy and use it and you represent… don’t buy it and perhaps you represent more… I know it hardly may seem like it… just try to make one of your own and get the parts from around the planet x30million (only 2 years of iphone existence)… and then you’ll see the chunck out of Apple’s icon is probably a sign of it’s huge ‘accomplishments’.

Summary: Technology (naturally always with business practices) takes the soul out and increases distances - and exploit the invoked distraction and self-involvement to an almost dream like status of spirit in a machine…

##2nd film / documentary:

I tried to mention some points from my article (click here)
mostly about the technology and industry vs. effect on the people … the real cost of industy and tech is one of my main focuses and problem with it…

  • METRICS will help make a decision but it’s quite hard to measure right now even on a small scale. Whatever the numbers and price of plastic etc, the limits of earth exist and are finite.
  • so why push it?..

Watch from beginning, starts hitting home how I feel about 19m. Other points less specific but relevant are onwards for general feeling that high tech / high spec / complex often costs too
much in too many ways.