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Civilization System V

While system D is a (trans)human system, the (pen-)ultimate system V is a thoroughly posthuman system that managed to upgrade artificial minds, humans, and other animals to upgraded minds possessing basically godlike capabilities. What characterizes system V is its focus on voluntary association into value based communities – so called p-factions – and the reliance on an ultra-automated valuation economy.

The valuation economy transcends primitive economic tools like trade, money, or reputation, in favour for direct real-time measurement of subjective valuation of entities, enabled by integrated valuation symbionts embedded in individuals and group minds. Driven by distributed superintelligence and near-ultimate nanotechnology, local economic growth can well exceed 100% per year in this valuation economy. Nevertheless, the long-term development of system V is towards a mature technological and economic steady state in which almost all options for further improvement are already implemented.

In any case, the posthuman revolution opened up many fundamental philosophical questions regarding the general condition of life, since aspects which were fixed in earlier systems have become easily changeable variables in system V. The need to find a clear orientation under the conditions of godlike freedom and power lead to the development of V-theory, which represents the pinnacle of philosophy and science. V-theory is the underlying ordering principle of system V. All p-factions accept and respect V-theory, but they have different priorities, so there are still partially conflicting interests left in system V. Those proficient in V-theory are called vians, and they act as mentors for the other minds, and generally serve to organize society according to V-theory.

Military conflicts with system V technology would reach truly apocalyptic dimensions – scorching planets, stars, and eventually even whole galaxies. Therefore, the establishment of the Pax peace guarantee network was seen necessary to prevent wasteful and destructive violence. Thus, the conflicts between the p-factions have been delegated to the realm of subtle memetic warfare, and collectively have become known as the sublime conflict. The intermediary outcomes of the sublime conflict determine which p-faction determines how much of the future evolution of the cosmos.

System V also is the system in which arts, philosophy, play, science, and work have eventually converged into a deeply integrated and sophisticated V-activity guided by V-theory, and the valuation economy. Every living being, from organelles over microscopic and mesoscopic entities, up to the largest superintelligent minds are optimized for and take part in V-activity, whether they are conscious about it, or not.

Super-well-being (SWB) is a very typical state of mind for most minds in system V. Perpetual states of bliss are natural for them. Motivation of minds in system V is guided by alignment with V-theory, and the priorities of the p-faction a mind allies with.

Alternative names for system V

  • Value age
  • Axiological age
  • Axiological era
  • Philosophical age

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