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Basic Income Project

The basic income project is about researching the basic income idea and advocating it as solution to certain societal problems.

Definition of a basic income

A universal basic income (UBI), also known as basic income guarantee (BIG) or simply basic income, is an income that is paid to all members of a political constituency directly and unconditionally.

A basic income that suffices to maintain a social minimum is called a full basic income. Basic incomes that are lower are called partial basic incomes. When talking about basic income, it is usually understood to be a full basic income.

Definition of social minimum

The social minimum is the amount of money or resources needed to live a minimally decent life enabling cultural and social participation. There is no universal method to set the height of the social minimum in any given political constituency. The social minimum is not to be confused with an absolute or relative poverty limit.

Basic income projects

For more information see the Basic Income resources page.