Alternatives role title for 'Futurists'?

Anyone have any good ideas about alternative names to the title ‘Futurist’?

Just been reading this article. I wonder if in addition to ‘futurists’ we need to create ‘global architects’ or maybe futurists = global architects.

I know, I’m rambling a bit here…but I’m wondering if there is a way of making futurists more effective in realising change.

Your thoughts?

You want to make futurists more effective in realising change by improving semantics? Well, if it helps futurists to tell other stories about themselves, it may have a positive effect.

Your suggestion “global architects” is quite specific. Let me just say that the futurist community is quite diverse, and one can easily include different kinds of futurists:

  • Future researchers
  • Visionaries
  • Future inventors / designers / architects / builders
  • Innovative activists

The interesting thing about the term “futurist” is that is can encompass all of these people, which is a real strength, imho, because it leads people together under one big theme. Your suggestion seems to move towards finding a better name for a specific breed of futurists. Maybe that’s a good idea to gain more clarity about what the different kinds of futurists are all about.

I see myself mostly as someone who wants to “invent” (or just explore) a better future and thus provide people with a greater vision that they can aspire towards. Abstract future research and down-to-earth activism do not belong to my core strengths.