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Would most people migrate into a simulated reality like the Matrix?


If a simulated reality indistinguishable from nature like the Matrix from the eponymous film trilogy becomes reality, would most people choose to abandon the real world completely and get connected to the Matrix forever?

In the “Matrix” (my hypothetical simulated reality, not the energy-generation machine from those movies where people are forced to live in or were born into it and live in a recreation of our world in the late 90s and early 2000s), one could be anything one wishes, do anything, have anything, be everywhere etc. It could just be like one’s real life used to be, just better. Who could say “no” to that…?

But otherwise, it would become boring if one can have everything just by a wish. Obstacles, problems etc. create adventures and make people grow mentally. How would thou be if thou would have gotten anything “just so”? Or imagine thy favourite story from a book or movie. If the characters would have just told their wishes to a magical genie to get the treasure, save their city or find true love, how boring - and very short - would that tale be?

But of course, thou could ask the Matrix operator to create such obstacles or just interesting settings to make life more adventurous, like the game master of a pen-and-paper roleplay session. Voluntary brainwash included. Thou could live forever the life of thy dream and experience a new adventure every week!

Of course, one may leave the Matrix or pause it. Or do whatever with it. It’s just a nearly omnipotent machine for creation of endless possibilities.

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Most of us are already choosing exactly that. We lack the perfect VR technology to really achieve that yet, but the majority of our lives is already rather virtual. Even the parts we consider real are, for the major part, things that we’ve created ourselves. A lot of that will be replaced with completely virtual things pretty fast as it becomes feasible.

But the transition will be gradual. There’ll be no sudden dive into the matrix. Rather, we’ll be slowly replacing things around us that are “real” with things that are virtual. Eventually, even when we interact with the real world, that will mostly happen through virtual reality (telepresence).

What doest thou mean with “virtual”? That many people spend a lot of time on the internet? And what about the last sentence?

Virtual in the sense that it’s something we’ve created. Whether it’s something real that we’ve reshaped or if we just created it out of data isn’t really relevant if you ask me.