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World War III

Do ye lot think that World War III is possible and maybe going to come soon?

The USA see their power challenged by Russia, China and the EU. Trade conflicts are already ongoing while some other shadows of an upcoming economic crisis may loom. Terrorism is also on the rise. It is also the reason many Western governments want to destroy freedoms.

I think it would be a pretty daring statement to claim that it’s impossible. It’s well within the range of the possible.

There’s no rational reason for it to come soon. If it happens soon, it will be more of a seriously deranged sentiment of “fuck this world!”

Every major power has seen its power challenged by competitors. Nothing new here.

Trade wars are often the precursors of actual wars, but don’t not always.

Terrorism is nearly irrelevant when it comes to global security.

No, the real reason is the freedom is inconvenient. After all, freedom allows your enemies to do what you fear them to do.

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Hopefully, Donald Trump will start WW3 in Iran. A new world war would be cool because it would create adventure, trigger technological developement and change society, maybe to the better.

Well, this decade escalated quickly. WW3 incoming.

Ein neuer militärischer Schlagabtausch wird mit allen Waffen geführt und Atomar sein, da bleibt nicht viel übrig, denn schon ein begrenzter Atomkrieg mit “nur” 100 eingesetzten A-Waffen hätte über den beteiligten Staaten hinaus vernichtende Wirkung durch eine Verschmutzte Atmosphäre.

Warum 1983 der A-Krieg verhindert wurde ist hier gut dargestellt, ein A-Krieg hätte die Vernichtung der Menschheit zur Folge:

Dies hatte auch zur Folge das Gorbatschow zur Macht gelangte!