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World changing futurist ideas

I have been thinking hard about how I can maximize the value I provide for the cosmos. That’s certainly not an easy task. What may be a good candidate is collecting, connecting, developing, and popularizing powerful ideas that can contribute to creating a much better world. Here’s a general collection of such ideas (with slightly arbitrary grouping into titles):


  • Basic income
  • Digital abundance
  • Reputation economy
  • Teal/evolutionary organizations
  • Decentralization (cryptocurrencies / blockchains / decentralized organizations)


  • Cosmism
  • Effective altruism
  • Focus on problem-solving
  • Collective intelligence / swarm intelligence
  • Adaptive evolution instead of eliminative evolution
  • Abolition of useless suffering in nature
  • Paradise engineering
  • Different redefinitions of identity (identity as useful constructs)


  • Atomically precise manufacturing
  • Artificial general intelligence
  • Space based industry (space based solar power + asteroid mining)


  • Longevity
  • Intelligence augmentation
  • Technological telepathy and empathy -> group minds and hive minds
  • Moral enhancement (willpower enhancement + better education?)
  • Uploading
  • Uplifting of non-human animals
  • Animation of everything (Internet of Things++)
  • Peacenets

What happens if you put together all of these ideas in a synergistic way? Astounding mind expansion happens! We reach a much higher level of wisdom and evolution! Our previous problems dissolve. We will have fixed our tiny little problems as mortals and will be en route to becoming deities with incredible powers, but also with the intelligence and wisdom to wield it to the optimal benefit of everyone!