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Why is the topic of age disparities and age relations so absent in some longevity communities?

wouldn’t someone with a high age and able body have more experience and knowledge over someone over a lower age to be able to easily manipulated the lower aged person ? There’s a reason why relationships and contacts between people of certain age differences are a taboo.
Wouldn’t this take it to a whole new level ? It’s concerning. Not to mention what if certain people don’t take longevity treatments. They would inherently be at a disadvantage than someone who doesn’t and if a large majority doesn’t then the person with longevity treatments is already dominant compared to the majority. This is even more problematic in economic systems already with market systems.

There’s moral problems as well, what if there were no laws and no regulations whatsoever. Could we trust ourselves to not misuse this ?

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I don’t think that superlongevity opens up radical new dimensions of inequality and injustice. Having lived for a long time merely means having had the time to develop a lot of skills fully. However, we need to consider that the development of each individual skill usually faces diminishing returns. Also, skills usually rust with disuse. Therefore, a human being can only have a certain number of skills at peak performance, no matter the age.

Misuse of skills doesn’t really depend on their number, but rather on the morals of the individual in question. People can exploit others with just one single skill that’s at least close to mastery. Some people just need to be decently good at deception or hacking or burglary and they develop a criminal mindset – or maybe it’s the other way around. The thought of a criminal that has lived for hundred of years might sound scary, but one needs to consider that his opponents are policemen who have lived for hundreds of years, too.

The inequalities that stem from differences in intelligence, health, or hereditary status are much more serious imho.