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Where are all the visionaries?

I feel there is a lack of compelling overarching positive visions of the future. Some science fiction authors come pretty close to creating such visions, but what about everyone else? Have we stopped dreaming big, or have we never learned to dream big in the first place?

Singularitarians claim that the technological Singularity will change anything, but they kill their fantasy by claiming that we can’t predict the future, so we shouldn’t try to imagine it in the first place. Sure, we can’t know the future, but why should we stop imagining it? That would be so boring!

It’s not about predicting the future, it’s about creating it, by first painting it in bright and attractive colours! So, tell me: Who is doing that right now? Where are the visionaries that can provide us with a goal state to aim for?

Or is there something wrong about envisioning a better future?

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