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What's the right form and measure of reality augmentation?

(Michael Hrenka) #1

Please watch the following short film called Hyper-Reality:

Is that stuff realistic? What’s unrealistic about it? Are there too many overlays? Too much advertisement? Very likely. Too intrusive? Perhaps it’s the fault of the user to activate too much stuff at once.

The gamification elements look like a nice idea, and I think we’ll be moving into that direction, especially in the next decade.

Combining augmented reality with a reputation system like Quantified Prestige would be awesome. Perhaps comfortable augmented reality is the key technology that can make democratic personal reputation systems popular.

How dytopian or utopian is this “Hyper-Reality” scenario? I guess with better graphics, toned down information overload, higher stability, and less corporatism it could be quite cool. Imagine you would communicate with your own personal AI assistant through such an augmented reality environment.

By the way: The next step after augmented/mixed reality would be AI feeding knowledge about your environment directly into your brain. You don’t need to your sensory channels flooded by information, you simply know what you want or need to know about the world, your immediate environment, and you.


loving it for sure.

that is the kind of advitresment we need imo.

the word ‘hyperreality’ is used in this video:

I guess it is an intresting idea that the potential provided by information becomes so much stronger than the realisation. I dont know if the human brain is able to adapt and wont go completly bonkers after 24/7 shiny colours everywhere :slight_smile:

I know hardcoregamers look like zombies sooner or later :smiley: